• Whitney 2nd model Rolling block rifle, circa 1885. Originally chambered in .38 CFC. Barrel re-lined in .32/20 WCF. Rifle came out of my grandfather’s collection through
    my cousin via a trade. Rifle is moderately accurate by today’s standards. If I do my job, I get 2 ~ 3″ groups at 100 yds with 120 gr. Missouri cast bullets &…[Read more]

  • Velocette replied to the topic Weaver T-series in the forum Main Forum 4 years, 4 months ago

    I used a T 24 with a custom 0.25″ dot for smallbore prone competition mounted on a Kimber 82g and then on an Anschutz 1813. The adjustments were good and repeatable and the scope never gave me any trouble. It was replaced with a Leupold 25X fixed power scope to obtain better glass and a clearer sight picture. The difference is noticeable and…[Read more]

  • An old saying applies to riflescopes and optics in general. The agony of poor quality lives on forever, while the sting of price is soon forgotten

  • I have had the honor of personally marvelling and actually picking up, my friend Bjorn’s rifle, Bertha.
    I have built many rifles, mostly sporters, (photos of one are on the military rifle section of this blog)
    some competition AR types. I currently compete
    at the master level in several NRA rifle competitions and have been shooting for about…[Read more]

  • Chipmaker, beware, removing the barrel from the ’17 Enfield can be quite difficult without the proper tools AND much patience.
    They are known to be VERY tight and difficult. Damage to the receiver is not unknown due to their tightness.

  • The ’17 Enfield aka US rifle of 1917 is a strong durable weapon that us usually as accurate at its shooter.

    They also make nice custom rifle for the patient home builder. Here is the result of a bit over a years effort.
    All work was done by hand. NO power tools were used. Alll metal and wood work was done by me except the
    blueing of the…[Read more]

  • Natural point of aim is quite important in target shooting, Its value increases as the bullet velocity gets lower. That is, the lower the velocity of your round, the more important natural point of aim is. In smallbore prone competition, the normal bullet velocity is about 1050 fps. Long barrels are also commonly used to gain a longer sight…[Read more]

  • If you are using it primarily for target shooting, a 1/8″ dot with fine crosshairs like Leupold uses in their target scope is good. I’ve found that after a long match (over 100 rds slow fire) the dot can get a bit hazy. The crosshairs seem to help at that time. I use a 25x Leupold with the 1/8″ dot and fine crosshairs for smallbore prone and a…[Read more]