• Only one with a bullet I cast, and I didn’t even get the fun of shooting it. SIL used my 30-30 with a 170 gr Lee bullet, COWW+2%sn. I don’t remember the exact load, would have to go look in the log book. But it was a young spike and it went through like it was a laser beam. According to him it took about 3 leaps and folded up.

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    I was using imr 4350 for the xcb, and have just been loading 5 rounds per load to try to narrow down a good load. 49.2 grains with Dacron (1.2GRS) gave me 3 that cold be covered with a quarter but the other 2 were about 2 inches from the group. Average velocity was 2355. Then I jumped to 52 grains and ended up with the much larger spread, no real…[Read more]

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    Larry, just out of curiosity, what load would you recommend for a 30xcb in 30-06 with a 10 twist barrel? I have a few that were given to me to try out and I have run them up to 2505 fps, but the accuracy wasn’t great, about 3.5 ” at 100 yds. I was using imr 4350 in my 03a3. I am torn between going for more speed and backing it down for the…[Read more]

  • Nobody ever accused liberals of being overly bright except the one liberal patting himself on the back and telling himself how smart he is.

  • I think I have found the load I am looking for. I ran 10 each of 32grs., 33grs., and 34 grs of 4895. The 34 grain load had 7 out of 10 in a spot just a little larger than a quarter. The three that were outside the group were about 3/4″ to the left, ad 2 of them made just one oversized hole. Also I used BLL for lube. Nice clean shiny barrel. I…[Read more]

  • One of the things that seems to be over looked a lot is consistent alloy. When I was just adding “a bit of solder” to my wheel weights or range lead I had a lot more variation. Then I was reading something about SN and SB affecting as dropped weight from a given mold, and it clicked. Nowadays I make alloys in fairly large batches ( for me 60 – 100…[Read more]

  • Larry, you pretty much covered why I was weight sorting. I am trying to work up the most accurate load possible with rifle/bullet/powder combination. By eliminating as many variables as possible the results should be more consistent. I even shoot the same batch 3 days in a row to eliminate the human variable as much as possible. In other words I…[Read more]

  • Tim, most of my boolits nowadays are +/- .3 grs. as cast. Not all, I do have bad sessions. After I put the checks on and lube them I like to kind of double check the weight. I guess I get a little obsessive sometimes. But at least I am not doing the full 3 grain or more variation like I was when I first started. I checked some .230 gr. 45’s that I…[Read more]

  • If it hadn’t been for Larry’s article about that bullet, I wouldn’t be trying it. And thanks to Goodsteels article on casting consistency I have been using+/- .3 grs as a weight sorting standard. Very few culls at that level and most of the variation appears to be after dressing them. They are sized to.311. I guess I should just quit whining and…[Read more]

  • Well dang! I thought I had that picture thingy figured out. Back to the drawing board. I guess I shouldn’t be too dissapointed, the bullseye on that target is 2″x1.5″ and I had 8 out of 10 in the orange, but it still gives me a 2″+ group size. And I really want to fine tune to a 1″ group at 100 yds. Not sure about the velocity, load is only 30.2…[Read more]

  • I tried it again this afternoon, nearly identical group, first shot slightly high and right again. Pulled out my dope book and changed point of impact 47 clicks, back to j-word setting. Ran a brush and a couple of dry patches through the barrel. Shot 6 rds of my SMK load over 53.5 grs. of Win 760.Got a group slightly less than an inch, just about…[Read more]

  • Thanks Larry, I see several things that will improve my brass prep.

  • Larry, I was wondering if you could post your techniques for brass prep. Obviously what you are doing works extremely well and maybe we could identify short comings in our methods. Thanks, Jack

  • I tried out the 13 grs of 700x this morning, got about a 4″ group at 100yds. And several of the out lying rounds were definetly my fault. I believe this will work for a low velocity practice round. Of course I am going to save my #2 and go back to COWW and SN. The neatest thing about today was that right after I got done shooting I started to walk…[Read more]

  • The fact that every rifle has its own preferences and the ” mad scientist” factor make this a really fun hobby. Constant experimentation and striving for better results, what more could you ask for?

  • Well the 30 grs of 3031 did not hurt my shoulder. It just wasn’t very accurate in the 03a3. About a 6″ group at 100yds. That recoil pad helps but it masses up the eye relief on the scope with my normal cheek weld. That might be part of the large group. I guess I will work a ladder and see where it goes. Also wanting to go ahead and try 10 rounds…[Read more]

  • Thanks Claude, I don’t know how my shoulder will take it either but I am going to find out. Grandson bought me a Pachmayr recoil pad that feels pretty good.
    Maybe it will all work out.

  • I guess I haven’t been thinking very clearly lately. I also have on hand Titegroup,Titewad, Bullseye, Accurate 4064, IMR 4350,Win 760, Win 748 and IMR 3031. And no data for most of them with cast in rifles. I still haven’t found my Lyman #3 edition and have found the #4 edition to be pretty sad. Haven’t had a chance to load and shoot any with…[Read more]

  • Yeah, I am going to have to get this shoulder fixed. I can’t stand the thought of not being able to feel that thump from a "real"load.

  • Thanks for the data. I put gas checks and dip lubed my boolits this afternoon so in the morning will size and load some using this data. Really appreciate the help. Thank you. Jack

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