• Powder coated some of my 30 XCB bullets the other day and though I would try a small batch with the gas checks installed  to see if the coating would stick to the copper checks and the report is it does.  Below are some of the XCB bullets I coated with various powders, the one on the left is Eastwood Copper Vein.

    They all shoot great in my 3…[Read more]

  • Here is another option  with .311″ groove bore which has gotten great reviews on several gun channels.   I have three SKS rifle from three different countries, so I have the 7.62 x 39 pretty much covered and have reloaded and shot jacketed as well as cast loads in them all for longer than I can remember.

    Some pretty good options still out the…[Read more]

  • The old public range I used to visit was a treasure trove of brass especially if you got there early. I pretty much set myself, family and friends up for life in common rifle and pistol calibers over a couple years time.  I ended up converting some of the 9 MM to 9 x 18 MAK and 308 Win. or 7.62 NATO brass too 300 Sav. as I had so much of the…[Read more]

  • Cast up about 300 of the Arsenal .311″ 170 gr. bullets yesterday and was able to PC the plain base plinker bullets today with some Smokes Carolina Blue.  If things work out I hope to get to shoot some on Saturday of next week along with some other bullets and loads I’ve been working on.

  • Glenn, this is my first Arsenal as well so it will be interesting to see how it cast.  I haven’t heard any bad reports on the brand so we will seen.  The bullets I cast from it will either get PC’ed or a good dose of your 2500+ lube.

  • As an annual gift to myself around tax time I purchase myself a new mold of better quality to replace some of my older Lee molds that I have had for many years. The new mold is an Arsenal 4 cavity 170 gr. .311″ Ranch Dog clone that I had cut 50/50 two with gas checks and two plain base bullets for plinker loads since I don’t use a gas checks for…[Read more]

  • Still developing a good load for my 1933 HEX Tula Mosin 91/30, I’m shooting a 215 gr. .314″ gas check bullet lubed with LARS 2500+ I had Tom over at Accurate Molds cut it a little larger for me. I had two ladder test loads five rds. each with 33.0 and 34.0 grs. of H-4895. The 33.0 gr. load shot really well but the 34.0 gr. loads was excellent and…[Read more]

  • Recovered one of my HP’s today digging around in the berm that I had shot through a jug of water, looks like it expanded nicely.  Sure wish I could afford some of the ballistics gel to test these things out on.

  • It’s possible that could be oxide dross that formed on your melt if it were overheated during the ingot making process, as long as your melt is overheating it will keep forming no matter how many time you flux an try to skim it off.  When remelting the ingots keep the temperature lower and you should be able to flux it back into your melt.

  • Ken,  that way out of my area of expertise.  Hopefully GoodSteel can answer those questions for you.

  • Glenn,  it’s more like it found me as I had no idea my friend was going to offer it to me,  so I was kinda like OK I’ll take it.  The rifle was basically sent back to the factory or where ever they do the refurb/re-arsenalled work anything broken or worn was replaced.  The receiver, bolt carrier and barrel were painted black with something tha…[Read more]

  • Ghost, I shoot the Lee 185 gr. in my SKS rifles as well.   I actually got the idea to try it from one of your post on the CBF I’m pushing about 23 grs. of 4895 in my loads and it’s a nice thumper.  I also shoot Larry’s Lee 90 gr. SWC / Bullseye load in my SKS rifles and just work the action like a bolt gun, nice little sub sonic plinker / small g…[Read more]

  • Ever since I got my first SKS I’ve always wanted a nice Russian SKS but something else always came up or the money was short an then the prices went sky high so I just gave up and settled for what I had. Well I guess sometimes it worth the wait and good things happen to those that do.

    To make a long story short I got if from a friend that had…[Read more]

  • Just wanted to let you all know I’m doing fine went back to work today although a little tired I’m good to go.  I appreciate each  one of you that took the time to remember me in your thoughts and prayers, I believe it does make a difference.

    God Bless you all and prayers to all those still going through rough times.

  • I appreciate all the thoughts and prayers,  I’m doing much better today as the high fever is gone and I’m feeling more like myself.  The antibiotic are pretty rough on my stomach but that will pass once I’m off them in a few days.  I’ll keep all of you that are sick or have family sick in our thoughts and prayers as well.

    I have to say that I go…[Read more]

  • I hope you get to feeling better as well slim,  I’ll keep you in my prayers as well.

  • I’m a firm believer in the power of prayer,  and I know there are many on here that do as well.   I am going through a rough time this week,  I came down with something on Monday morning and it been really rough,  turns out I have a bacterial infection an they have me on a strong antibiotic which makes me feel about as bad as the illness.   I’m so…[Read more]

  • I hate reading post about doing things like that,  now I going to have to try that this weekend.  If I get something I like I’ll post some pics.

  • It hasen’t been 56 around here in my part of NC for almost a month,hasn’t even gotten up to freezing  but it’s suppose to be 60 here this weekend and the casting pot will be in full swing,  I just need to look through my stash and see what I’m getting low on.

  • reloader762 replied to the topic 9mm Mold in the forum Cast Bullets 2 years, 9 months ago

    I like Lee molds, if I didn’t I wouldn’t own 14 of them.  The 9mm molds are the only ones I ever had problems with they just wouldn’t cast a bullet large enough to not keyhole about 3/4 of the time so I sold the 2 off I had and just bought me an NOE http://noebulletmolds.com/main/product/358-124-tc/ 4 banger with two gas check and two plain base…[Read more]

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