• Well I got the M700 pillard and put to bed! Yes, “pillard” is what I call a “newtism”. Anyways, it took a while to do it all because halfway through I got caught in the middle of a hog butchering session. I’ll take pictures once I get the barrel channel finished, but it turned out OK. Not perfect in looks, but for sure perfect in function.…[Read more]

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    I think Harter just wants to help. And seeing how there does seem to be a lot of people with this condition, I must also humbly offer my assistance. I have always heard the best way to break loose of something is to just give it away. I’ve always been told I have a strong will, so I think I can handle anything you all need to let go of, without…[Read more]

  • I hear you. I stocked up on Unique a while back for this very reason. I try everything I can to get Unique to work for most of my shooting, only looking at other powders if I am chasing accuracy. With its scarcity I have been eyeing Universal for a replacement. I dislike having a lot of different powders sitting around.

  • I have been wanting to try Universal in this application for a long time. I would for sure start lower than the same amount of Unique. In all my shotgun/fast powder load development, when there is nothing listed for a round, I have never gone wrong when starting low. Hodgdon does list some data for their Clays which is similar to Red Dot I believe.

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    Dang, I was wondering when the list would end. Very generous indeed. Hope some guys who need this stuff are able to get it.

  • I don’t have a scope on my 30-30, but I’d be tickled with a group like that at 200 yd.

  • This is interesting to me. I have never used a vibrating polisher so maybe I am not understanding what you call mirror polish. The brass that comes out of my wet tumbler can be brighter than any new brass I have ever seen, which is very reflective. Is it the fact that the vibrating tumbler adds a polish, like waxing a car? Guess you can’t tell…[Read more]

  • I would not say I’m good at shooting, for the record. Lol. What I meant by shooting a lot was a kin to a blind squirrel finding an acorn. The more he wanders around, the more likely it is he finds one. I find good loads because of the amount of testing I do.

    To me, hunting accuracy is all I look for from cast bullets. And I like to…[Read more]

  • Might not be a contest, but some context to it is needed. PC is only one part of a round. Be kind of like posting a bunch of targets that only had loads that used a certain powder. They might all be bad, or even good, but without context you couldn’t say whether or not it was due to the powder or something else. But I get keeping the pictures as…[Read more]

  • I got a rock tumbler and some stainless steel pins myself. I guess it all depends on how much brass you clean at one time. I like how clean wet tumbling gets brass and I don’t mind having to do small (50-100) batches.

  • The load data and all is the same from before, just the range has changed.

  • I also got out my son’s Rossi 308. I got it for him for Christmas. I worked up both a cast and jacketed load rather quickly. It was probably the easiest gun I have found a load for. It probably has less than 200 rounds through it.

    Again, never shot more than 5 shot groups with this gun so I was very intrigued by the 10 shot group. I…[Read more]

  • Ok, 200 yard target time. Very interesting. We had a constant breeze blowing yesterday, but it was not too bad. My weather station says around 6 mph w/ 14 mph gusts. Point being, PC may not affect group size a whole lot, but wind will play havoc. Just stick that in the back of the mind when you see the target.

    I tried to wait between…[Read more]

  • I appreciate you for suggesting this. I normally do not shoot more than 5 shot groups. But realize now that a lot can be learned from 10 shot groups. I don’t think that I’ll shoot 10 shot groups all the time, but I can see the benefit.

  • Those NOE expanders are what I am using for my .223 They are very nice and I’ll be picking up more for my other calibers. I’ve always just used the lee universal and only flared.

  • This kind of thinking makes my brain hurt. I think I’ll stick with terms like, “good” and “not very good” 🙂

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    I know this is an odd question, but what is the dimension of the end of your barrel? I know you mentioned you free floated it. I was looking into doing the same for mine, but ran across a LOT of talk of how the lighter weight barrels shoot better with some pressure at the forend. I am not completely sure, but I think I have a light…[Read more]

  • Honestly, I do nothing special. Not to sound like I have a green thumb when it comes to shooting or anything, just want people to know it does not take a lot of expensive stuff. The one thing I do that is probably different than most is I shoot a LOT. When I work up a load, I can go through hundreds of rounds. In fact, I am just now settling…[Read more]

  • I recently got a new scope for my .223 bolt gun. Weaver 6×18-44 Main reason I got it, other than cost, was the reticle. It has very thin/fine hairs transitioning to thicker ones further away from zero than most duplex scopes. They only cover 1/4″ at 100 yards. For target work they were a huge step up as I can now aim at a smaller area. Its…[Read more]

  • Well, that’s a lot of makers. Now you need a thread on what your looking for in a barrel from a maker.

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