• If you prairie dog hunt with the 243 you will definitely need a second rifle.  the overbore 243 heat up really quickly.  I ended up pouring water down the barrel of mine to cool it off.  It got too hot to touch before I realized it.

  • I used to hunt on a cattle ranch in southwest Arkansas, the guys did most of their herding and medicating  from 4-wheelers.  One onery steer WOULD NOT go where he was supposed to be.  After about 10 tries and the steer running through 2 fences the owner gunned his atv, hit the steer in the side at what looked like slightly subsonic speed.  It fli…[Read more]

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    Not even whale poop is lower than a thief

  • I had one of those probably 40+ years ago.  Loaded the 20 ga shells on a lee loader, smacking them with a hammer.  When the crimps split I would trim them off, shorten the wad column and keep on going.  I used it for several years squirrel hunting but don’t remember what happened to it.  Nice find !!

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    The .356 molds might be worth a try.  I have found a load that seems to work ( 20 rounds ) and will experiment a little more. I increased the powder charge .2g and the misfeeds seem to have gone away.

    I also use the factory crimp die, but with the .358 bullets, even after sizing in a .358 die, the Factory Crimp die will pull the bullets on about…[Read more]

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    Like Matthew Quigly I don’t have much use for pistols, and unlike him I can’t shoot them either but I’m getting started casting for the 9mm.  I have been using the Lee 358-125-RF because of recommendations by people loading for the 9mm who say a larger bullet is needed to prevent leading.

    I have been  lubing and sizing in a .360 die, then r…[Read more]

  • AWWWW  Tim, Say it ain’t so!!   You waited till Christmas morning to tell me there ain’t no Santy Clause?? ( by the way, what are you doing out of bed at 3:01 AM? )   Surely if there is magic in Frosty’s silk hat there is just a little in that paper wrapping.

    Ok, no part of paper patching is easy.  It requires more consistency than I can prob…[Read more]

  • A very Merry Christmas to everyone from the Milks family.  Hoping everyone has a happy new year !!!

  • I dabbled in paper patching for smokeless powder several years ago without too much success, but I find myself reading about it again and we probably all know where that can lead.   I have some questions first from those who have been successful….

    Can you easily get jacketed velocity ( or near it ) from factory twist barrels? Such as 10 twist i…[Read more]

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    I don’t know how it shoots.  The only way I can see the small front bead is to elevate it to the middle of the buckhorn rear sight.  I can almost make it out with plenty of daylight around it.  I couldn’t hit the side of a barn if I was standing on the inside.

    All this speculation was brought about by the time I am spending trying to ac…[Read more]

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    This would be a Savage 99 and while I have an unlimited amount of respect for Goodsteel’s savvy, that little short 300 saavage neck looks like an invitation to run out on the bullet. But like I said, I am a babe in the woods and I asked for opinions.

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    Ok, ream with a 30-06.  But is it a good idea?  What are the unintended consequences?  I’m a babe in the woods here.

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    Nice Buck!!  I agree about the black rifles, but they are wearing me down.  Accurate is interesting but they ain’t purty as walnut.

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    I was just forming some 300 Savage brass from 308 and as I was grinding away on the beautiful long neck that results in order to get to the correct length, I began to wonder why I was wasting it.  I took 3 pieces and trimmed the neck to .300″. (300 Savage…neck .300″, just seemed to fit.)  loaded some 30XCB bullets, the flat nose hunting b…[Read more]

  • Kens, I really like the look of the old large dish tang sights.  Also it will give me a little more sight radius so I am pretty well set on my choice.  I also like the look of the Skinner sights but that would involve playing with the dovetail where with the tang sight there are only 2 screws.  I can do screws.  lefty loosy righty tighty

  • I use the SST in my .243, and have only killed a dozen or so with it, but have had 2 failures to exit.  The first was a very large buck with a broadside shot, no large bones, the other was a smaller buck angled away with the shot going through the front shoulder blade and stopping under the skin on the far ribs.  The big buck traveled maybe 20 y…[Read more]

  • I picked up a, what I think, is pretty nice Savage 99 in 300 Sav. last year.  I think it is a 1950’s model, but it is not d&t so it has been a closet queen so far.  I couldn’t decide whether to have Tim drill it, get a barrel mounted aperture sight, a Lyman tang sight, a Marbles tang sight, or just go blind and forget it.  I knew for sure that my…[Read more]

  • Not using that bullet, but with the 200g RCBS my 12 twist 358 really likes IMR 3031, and likes 4895 almost as well.

  • bullet maker, I cast crappie jig heads and some split shot. It’s not really cost effective because I end up giving most of them away to friends, but its not too expensive either. #4 hooks about $5.50 per hundred online, so no big investment.

  • I tend to agree with Tim on this one. I once cast some 45 round balls out of what I thought was pure lead, which would blow up on contact with deer skin. The first blew a 4″ piece of rib bone out the entry side and had a small piece of bullet or rib penetrate the lungs. The second deer was a bad shot right behind the ribs, which blew up on…[Read more]

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