• Markopolo posted an update 2 years, 2 months ago

    Hi guys… I am mark from Alaska… several of you folks know me from cast bullets site. I live remote on an island in SE Alaska.. am a do it yourself guy due to necessity. I love the lord and live by his grace. I am into service, fishing, hunting, reloading, casting, BP shot gunning, and messing with stuff I prolly shouldn’t mess with generally.. but that’s how you learn right???

    • Oh, and Tim, if your out there somewhere, did I hear you are coming up to my neck of the woods soon? Are you just gunna wave as you fly by??

    • Hey Mark! Welcome and do enjoy yourself here!
      Yes, I am going to be fishing on the Kenai river for a week and change. If you see the fat Arkansas guy in the big black hat losing his mind over a fish bigger than a state record back home, that’s probably me. LOL!

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