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    I would suggest bringing a pistol slide with open sights and also a scope with you next time you visit the optometrist.  I did this for long barrel iron sights and handgun sights.  My situation is that I am right handed and left eye dominant.  Learned to shoot my rifle with my right eye.

    My reading prescription is 2.5 and trying to shoot with th…[Read more]

  • “When you open the bolt and the swede brass has a belt around it………….well ?????”

    The first thing that comes to mind is American vs. European spec brass?

    The case with Am. brass is .473″ as in 30/06 -308 etc.  Euro spec is .480″ approx.

    Using Am. brass in a correct 6.5X55 chamber at reasonable high pressure will do that.

  • CCI SV works very well at 50 feet.  At 100 yards, I have never received excellent results with it.  SK Standard Plus is about twice the price at approx $6 per box.  Geco Match is better that CCI @ approx. $3 per box.

    Below is Geco Match @ 100 yards in my CZ with peep sights.  Sight-in target.  Three shots, and finally in the middle.  8 inch targe…[Read more]

  • Wow I finally got on after a week of trying.

    I have found my load for 40 S&W for fast steel plate shooting.

    Speer cases inside sized with a 38-40 die (.398″).  Flare and powder drop with Dillon dispenser.  Flare removed and “slight” crimp with a Lyman die.  Bullets sized to .401″.

    Accurate mould 150 gr. SWC,  WST powder.  Very light load but…[Read more]

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    “How does that SWFA scope track & repeat?”

    I have not done a box test.  However, when I go .4 mil up, the bullets hit .5″ up at 200 still centered.  Up to 500 yards,  with the turret adjusted to the correct mil, the bullets are still horizontally centered.  This is early morning before the wind and mirage arises.

    Thank you Tim for a great rif…[Read more]

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    100 yards.  Basic Caldwell rest and butt stock rest.  SWFA 20 power fixed.  4 hours since last coffee!

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    It’s almost 2 years since I received my custom rifle from Tim.  I have over 1700 rounds down the barrel and it still has  accuracy.

    6.5X55 Mauser cartridge.  1941 Turk 98 Mauser receiver.  Kreiger heavy varmint barrel, 28 inches.

    Bottom target, warm up and initial test of new load.  Sierra 142gr. Match King and REL 23 powder.  Lapua brass, loade…[Read more]

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    I need advice on a red dot for my CZ 75 pistol.  My local club has amateur 3 gun matches.  I’m good with no correction for rifle and shotgun but need corrective help with the open sights on the handgun.  I cannot go changing glasses mid match.  Red dots work fine for me without prescription glasses.  I don’t want the bulk and weight of a tube type…[Read more]

  • The 6.5 Creedmoor, 260Rem, and the 6.5×47 are all designed to be real close in performance to the 6.5×55 but in a short action.  Tim built me a great 6.5×55 on a M98 Turk receiver.  Kreiger barrel, Jard trigger, Farrell base + rings and all the rest of the stuff.

    1700 rounds and still getting excellent accuracy.  147gr Hornady ELD M at 2800 fps.


  • For arthritic fingers this has got to be right up at the top.

    Forster 3-1 trimmer attachment.  Fast and painless.  Accurate and easy.


  • I bought my first CZ in 2001 and still have it.  A CZ 22 rifle.  Ultra Lux Super BRNO with 28″ barrel.  Then came the 75B SA, 40 Cal. in 2002. Then a second one in 2015.  Then a SPO1 9mm upper with adj sights.  Then a Kadet 22 upper.  Two 40 uppers, 2 frames, one 9mm upper and a 22, all interchangeable with each other.

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    Not a Ransom Rest, but a solid bench rest.  Tested at 50 ft. with SK Standard+.  20 shots.  Only changes to gun are replacement of funky aluminum rings with lower, all steel rings and a shorter reach trigger.  2.25# pull weight.


  • Forster lock rings.  Work great.

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    I don’t know if the “story” is correct, but it is still a cool looking contraption.

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    The guy next to me at the range had a single shot 22lr he said dated back to the turn of the 19th/20th century.  He told me it has been in his family and was originally owned by his Great Grandfather.  The story was that at that time, instead of “darts” in the tavern,  they would use these pistols for target competitions.

    Made in Germany.  Dou…[Read more]

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    A flock of thirty (counted) wandered into my yard.  They were everywhere including the roof.  They went from house to house in the neighborhood looking for newly planted gardens.  I had visions of shooting one with a 22 but being in the city limits would have been arrested.

  • First five shots with low pressure .325″ cast rounds (215 gr. w 18 gr. 2400) went into a 6″ black @ 100 yds.   I will be installing a nice peep sight for my degraded eyes.

    Markings on side of receiver match up to the below.  Large ring 98.

    Nitroproof for rifled barrels

    Stahl Mantel Geschoss (Steel Jacked Bullet)

  • It looks like the receiver matches up with #19 on the chart.  Very early 20th century.  It has a measured .323 barrel.  Probably different than original.

    When was the changeover from .318 to .323?  Most likely the reason for the barrel swap?

    I will test with some low pressure cast loads on Thurs or Fri.

    Thanks for the link to the receiver I.D…[Read more]

  • Here is the top of the front ring.

  • The top of the receiver on the front ring has been knurled.  A textured surface.  The only marks on the receiver are the ones in the photo above.  It looks like a human face with hat above an N.  The left side of the front ring.

    Here it is again


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