• Yea I am with you there. As many as shoot this bullet at paper, and as well as it performs for paper punching, several of us need to start seeing how it performs on game. I too have thought of filing off some meplat. What kind of speed do you plan on running in your 35 Rem?

  • I did not specify barrel length yet, although it will probably fall between 22 and 24 inches.

    I am building this for kind of an all purpose big game rifle. I am also building it to look really nice (or tim is!) But yes, it will be primarily for deer, with maybe an occasional bear. And if I draw an elk tag for Pa, i would defiantly use this one.


  • Ok I already have the 2500+ lube from Glenn. As far as barrel length I still like a well balanced rifle. I am willing to trade some speed for balance.

  • Hello all, I am rather new to this forum (joined a while ago then forgot I did:( ) Anyway, I thought it would be a good place to come and learn more about casting for the 358 Winchester. First off, i do not have the gun yet, it is in goodsteel’s hands. It started out as a Mauser, and is getting built into a 358. I already have the 35 XCB mold…[Read more]

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  • After the heads up from goodsteel I came as well! Am happy to see such familiar names!