• I would look at hydraulics reshaping the bullet before dieseling. Rifling displaces lead, lead displaces lube, lube has to go somewhere. It’s going to push back on the lead and on the gas check. The result is a longer thinner cast bullet.

    On that topic, as a kid I used to over-oil my Daisy on purpose, to get it to Diesel. When first over-oiled it…[Read more]

  • It may not have had incipient case head separation. Or maybe it did. Of course it’s always good to check your batch. Case separations happen to every shooter, who shoots often enough.

    As a guess, I would say it is localized brass work-hardening. Since you switched to Neck Sizing, the brass just below the sized area gets pushed down on sizing and…[Read more]

  • Rattlesnake Charlie;n6560 wrote: Doc Highwall has provided a great form for “load data”.

    But, how do we tie this to “chronograph data” and/or “target results”?

    I have a large stack of old targets upon which I included the load data (not as detailed as Doc’s form) and chrony data. However, this is a rather bulky stack. I started this back…

    [Read more]