• I’m kinda like Goodsteel, Vegas just isn’t on my list. I’ve been through Vegas I think three times, and I actually stopped once……for gas. For some it’s fun, but not for me since I’m kinda the person that’s one of those salt of the earth type.

    But I wish you a good time, and be safe, I hear stories from time to time, None what you would…[Read more]

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    On my iPad I reset the password after getting an email from the site so I can do it. I didn’t turn off the iPad and even though I didn’t actually change the password (Just re-did it) and I still couldn’t get in. I’m on my computer now, same password….and it works fine.

  • Tim, your luckier than I am, I have a 4 mile driveway….all dirt. I had 16 8 ton loads brought in, it’s what they call pit. Different sized river rock up to about 3 inches. Right when they brought the last load my tractor front tires went in the opposite direction of each other. Not a broken tie rod it was the power steering rod that broke in…[Read more]

  • Goodsteel;n5921 wrote: Thanks Harter, I see it now. Looks like it is 100 per box. Man oh man.
    And here’s an endorsement from our own Grumpa.
    American craftsmen are rare, and when I find somebody doing something superb by hand, I feel the need to patronize their endeavors because it’s all too rare these days.

    Hey big guy…..if you want…[Read more]

  • I’ve known him for a couple of years now, maybe longer. And yes I’ve used his 308 bullets and they do rank supreme for distance and accuracy that’s for sure. The thing I like the most is he does all those by hand actually, nothing automated about what he does one bit. He has a machine that checks for balance and jacket consistency when he gets…[Read more]

  • Right now I’m working on mine in the way of recoil. In my Lyman book I used the starting load of 45.5 of 3031 and got a chronied speed of 1470FPS. Felt recoil was a bit hefty but I can handle a bit more. Before that I tried 1 load of 3031 but with 36gr and recoil was minimal, and those 2 loads are with the LEE 405HB and PC’d boolits.

    I…[Read more]

  • The thing is…… there’s a lot of things folks think or wonder about that I call “Hypothetical Situations” and somehow it’ll border on fact. Some just like to ponder ideas, roll them around in there head, and try to come up with a somewhat happy answer. Personally I don’t want to live my life thinking about things like that since it’ll be a long…[Read more]

  • Here’s something I’ll add and give folks some food for thought.

    Generators: I’ve read about having those, and using them. BUT!!!!!….in a time of crisis do you really want to advertise you have 1? When a person that doesn’t have 1, has no power, and wants 1, and is going to want 1, isn’t going to want 1? Again I live remote, not a lot of…[Read more]

  • Some of you may know we live very remote, kinda like smoke does but even more so. Sometimes I have to wonder when folks ask these types of questions since the Mrs. and I have lived this way pretty much our entire lives even though we lived in the city for years since we moved to the country 11yrs ago.

    The wife and I seem to be of a different…[Read more]

  • It took me about 2yrs off and on to figure my 98 in 06. Thing was I found out about a year into figuring it out with cast is the type of powder it liked. Trust me there’s a bunch of different types for cast boolits and rifles and if I didn’t go through at least a dozen I would be surprised. Finding the right speed and powder combination for me was…[Read more]

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    ncbearman;n4837 wrote: Well Grumpa I too am going into the 45/70 market. Well, sooner or later. I’ve been gathering all the accessories and eventually will get a trapdoor. I had a chance to get the Lyman 462560 “hammer of Thor” and thought it might work in the 45/70 but apparently it will be way too much for it 545gr GC.

    Well from what…[Read more]

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    What I got was the 1895 marlin lever gun, nothing fancy but the price was right and the mag holds 4 rounds. In a nutshell speed will be determined by the pain factor, if it doesn’t hurt my shoulder and I’m within limits I’ll make them shoot faster.

    Seems my body can handle more thumpin than most, I’ve had folks try my stuff in my rifles only…[Read more]

  • GRUMPA replied to the topic 45-70 boolits in the forum Cast Bullets 4 years ago

    Thanks for the offer Artful, but I’m not the type of person to borrow things. Remember the old phrase ” Never a borrower or lender be or you may lose your friend and your money”.

    I plan on using nothing but NOE moulds, ole Al has his moulds made to a science, perfectly align all the time, perfect size, and a gem to work with. I know there’s…[Read more]

  • Got them tested a few days back, all 10 were within 15rps with a speed of 2990 out of a 16″ barrel. Everything looked just peachy, primers were as expected. Something odd with those primers though, just couldn’t figure them out….

  • Right now I’m using them as SR primers and like I said they work just fine. I have some set aside at the moment and as soon as this cursed wind stops I plan on setting up the Chrony to see just how just how fast these are going.

    But for right now if I took all those SP primers and stuck them in SR primer boxes…..you would never know the difference.

  • Artful;n3925 wrote: Possible but unlikely – and I know that CCI and Winchester are harder cups than the other makers.
    It is strange that you didn’t have more flow when fired in a rifle.
    Are all the primers in the same lot?

    I have more than a few primers to play with, you name and I pretty much have it kinda thing. In the past I’ve used…[Read more]

  • I know I have some 10ga and by that I’m talking only a half dozen. BUT………There’s a local guy selling just the primers you don’t have.


    If you want me to get in touch with him on those let me know….

  • These are all spoken for, and I can’t figure out a way to delete the thread…

  • With what I do folks really need to be extremely specific with questions, there’s a lot of 6mm something or other out there, but in this case I’ll assume your referring to the 6mm Remington. To be honest I have no clue, that’s a conversion I’ve never tried yet and don’t know if I ever will. The thing about converting for others is the final…[Read more]

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    Hopefully this will get back to you, just having a hard time with this new way of doing things. I’m on my computer now, trying my hardest to figure out how to get an avatar picture up….Matt