• <p style=”text-align: left;”>You got it. It took awhile to find a 55gr that worked. The BTSP was the winner. Odd how the FMJ stinks in a 1:8″ bore huh?</p>
    Handloading; its an adventure in every load!

  • Here it is after I cleaned it up and installed some proper rosewood panels. What a great shooter!

    With my right eye going now and blurry, I may just hunt with this 28. I’m left eye dominant but shoot right handed. I’ve cocked my head a touch right for decades shooting pistols aiming with my left eye.

    From a sitting position with the weapon…[Read more]

  • Odd in that I receive messages from my phone’s security at times basically stating stay away from the site as it’s corrupted and parasitic files exist to steal data from my system.

    Gotta admit that does tend to put one off. 🙂

  • Carried a 4″ S&W Mod 28 for decades on the street until we weren’t allowed wheelguns anymore and had to go autoloader. In an act of stupid I sold my trusty old friend when I was made a good offer in my shop. That was stupid… Then 4 months ago I found another 4″ 28.

    I’m living on my police pension thus it was on layaway for four months. I paid…[Read more]

  • I believe my greatest advantage beyond 58 years of using these tools is that I keep the cases trimmed exact. Combined with loads that produce approximately 85% to 90% pressure levels compared to full capacity loads and factory. I am always about 1gr to 1.5gr below any top load. Further I use relatively fast powder thus maintaining a rapid…[Read more]

  • Now I admit I haven’t posted much lately, but looking around neither has anyone else either. Personally I don’t often have much news or things to discuss, but I know that we’ve got some real talkers here. Where’d they go? Alien abduction?

    Ok, just thumping the side of y’alls tents to see if you’re all alive. 🙂

  • Yes sir, when I loaded 5.56mm long ago I was loading for three different rifles, and like yourself, the RCBS small base was a must. But since I no longer load for anyone but myself I enjoy the relaxing style of the 310. Learned to load with one as a boy with my great uncle. Loaded 45 Colt with BP. The old fellow didn’t care for the new kinda…[Read more]

  • Over 35 years ago I loaded for my Armalite AR180 with RCBS small base dies with the expected success. Traded that weapon in a moment of weakness and regretted ever since. Later a stepson from a past marriage stole the dies along with lots of other stuff. ’nuff said there….

    However, last Oct I bought an Anderson AM15 optics ready 16″ carbine new…[Read more]

  • Well done!

    Duplex moulds were always a custom order from Lyman/Ideal.

    My cool mould is an old Ideal duplex of the 358250 and a 358429.

    And you’re right. They are cool!

    Enjoy that mould! You’ll find they cast faster than you think too.

  • Oddly enough, bulk purchase Hornady 55gr SPBT with a moderate load of anything appropriate for this cartridge is a great shooter. My iron sighted weapon will place three in a 1.75″~2″ circle merely aiming 6 o’clock at 100m on a good day and I can see well enough to make it happen. My right eye will, on occasion, blurr at times. I then shift to…[Read more]

  • Deleted.


  • Butch Wax replied to the topic AR Buck in the forum The hunt!!! 2 years, 10 months ago

    Really impressed. And yes, I understand “stupid accurate” very well. Got a couple rifles and a couple pistols like that. The other few are of “average intelligence”.

    And I applaud your hunting with an AR15. Went out with my grandkids on their ranch a few weeks back. Grandson put me in “a box”. It tilted. Creaked and groaned worse than I did. When…[Read more]

  • I thank you for the thought. I’ve just got some 69gr Sierra HPBT. Will be loading some tomorrow afternoon so I think I’m covered for the moment. Don’t want to get too long of bullet that prevents magazine use.  The Windham did really well with 60gr V-MAX.

  • Yes sir, I agree 100%.

    Loaded some 60gr V-MAX by Hornady with some RL15 and some with IMR3031. Both loads were just “put together” for a quick test, but the 60gr bullet was tight. Especially with the 3031 load.


    My granddaughter’s Windham carbon fiber AR15 has a 1:9 barrel. It’s pitiful with 55gr bullets as well. The 62grFMJ PPU factory and…[Read more]

  • Just came back in from my range. Shot several 55gr FMJ factory loads st 50yds. 4.5″ and scattered. Loaded up a mag with 62gr FMJ factory loads by PPU and tried again. Confidence in the load allowed for sight correction. Rounds #4,5&6 were fired when final zero (#4) hit true. #5 & #6 were fighting for the same hole.


    In my old police days, we…[Read more]

  • Now I don’t know if I should drop and do 20, go wrap the weapon around a tree, or ask my dog for a date!(old school Ranger humor).


    55gr PMC Bronze factory load sucked. 55gr Federal stunk too.

    New dies will be here Fri. Used to load this cartridge long ago when I had a great Armalite AR180 back in the 80’s. Magnificent weapon. Was a 1:12 bore…[Read more]

  • Ok. I’ve hated the M16 since Vietnam. Didn’t carry one either. Flash to today, and like a good grandpa, I got an Anderson Manufacturing AM15 Optics Ready model to use when my granddaughter shoots her Windham Carbon fiber model out at the ranch. Mine is well made and such with a 1:8 bore. It sucks with 55gr rounds. I mean won’t hit true at 50 yds…[Read more]

  • I’ve just about quit casting all together due to the cost of GOOD alloy being so high and buying stuff filled with zink off the net. I no longer trust anyone I don’t know.  Local recycling outfits in my area will not sell to the public. Tire shops won’t talk to you.

    So now I don’t cast for my 44 or my 45’s, I buy copper plated bullets instead.…[Read more]

  • Well, I’ve had enough of the LLA wonderment to last. Between the long dry time, sticky cases from the lube migrating all over them, and further, I’ll stick with conventional lubrication.

  • Haven’t seen a self-contained type as you described. The model I have uses a 1/2″ I.D. vinyl tube, and the spent primers all drop into the tube and fall into whatever you choose to contain them. But it doesn’t require it to be removed from the press. Yours sounds like a different design.

    Again, the design of this device is quite clever. Aside…[Read more]

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