• Sounds like your ejector may be stuck or gummed up and not pushing hard enough or out quite far enough. That let’s the case slide out from underneath the extractor.

    If you can pull the ejector and clean the channel, that might solve your problem. Also check the edge of the channel for a burr. Worst case, you replace the ejector spring. Sometimes…[Read more]

  • I guess I don’ understand the hanging up on the left side of the receiver when ejecting. The case head is captured within the bolt as the case is pulled from the chamber and has no contact with the receiver during ejection.


    If youre talking about feeding out of the magazine and getting hung up on the left feed rail, then the magazine box seems…[Read more]

  • Goodsteel, good to see you are up to some good. This is a very interesting project. I would also be interested in whether an unlubed bullet or one that is lubed with 45-45-10 would have nominal .308 diameter bands. If the filled lube grooves are the problem, lets see what one looks like with unfilled grooves.