• That is the between centers measurement. I checked it when I bid on this equipment, but CRS and I forgot. It is at least 42 and is indeed a good lathe for barrel work. This lathe will take a taper attachment also. I have a Clausing with 1 1/2″ headstock hole and it sure is nice to have that large an opening.

  • I grew up hunting and shooting with my father and our friends–but he never had interests in the ammo making side of it. Then my life crossed paths with the fine Texas gentleman who became my mentor and friend. He was a retired gunsmith who had opened a range and gun shop on his farm. I met him and he asked me to do some work for him. This…[Read more]

  • bear67 replied to the topic Casting buckshot in the forum Shotguns 4 years, 7 months ago

    I have the lee buckshot mold and it has not been used much–it works but not to suit me. I also have the Sharpshooter 00 and #4 combo with ten cavities of each side. I have used it and am overall satisfied. The middle grand kids can run this mold under a bottom pour pot and make quite a bit of buck. You have more waste/sprue with the…[Read more]

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    I don’t have any problem with this condition. I just don’t admit it anyway. I started to say that I don’t have any vices but I realized I probably have 15 scattered around in different shops, tool trailers and trucks. Heck I forgot plumbing vices.

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    Classic good guy. I could use the 6.5x 55 dies to load for my brother’s mauser and the 6.5 creedmore brass as I have an action and barrel waiting on completion–my son in law shoots one and it is really a good round. pm on the way
    Now I need to look in the shop and find something I can pass on. I like to help some new guy get…[Read more]

  • Do I have to pick just 3–most used would be the Dillon(s) (I know there are two but I only use one at a time). Then would be the RCBS RC and the Lyman turret. I have more mounted on others on shelves, but these are the most used. Going to set up my Texan turret and a PW soon with dies for one caliber each.

  • .257 Roberts–Showing my age, but this was my first centerfire rifle (1958) and is still my favorite. If I had only one this would be it–have taken whitetails, muleys, black bear, elk and lots of smaller game with one of my Rob’s and the love affair continues. I like others especially the 30 Govt (30-06) and have many different cartridge…[Read more]

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    This could be a long list
    COWW-clip on wheel weights
    SOWW stick on wheel weights
    moa–minute of angle
    psi–pounds per square inch
    poa–point of aim
    poi–point if impact

    br–bench rest
    CUP–copper units of pressure
    bp–black powder
    BC–ballistic coefficient
    BNN–Brinell Hardness Number
    bpcr–black powder…[Read more]

  • I started 57 + years back with 5# of WWII 4895 and a pound of 4350. Still like both.
    Shooting pistol first was Bullseye for 45acp and it still makes um go bang
    231/HP 38
    I have used other powders and have others in my inventory, but these are my “go to’s”

  • My favorite right now is the loaded one behind whatever door in the house I am close to when I really need one. That said, I grew up on 870 Wingmasters and have hunted upland birds, ducks, squirrels and more with them. When I coached 4*H shotgun sports they were our trap choice for new shooters. I have my father’s old 32″ full plain barrel…[Read more]

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    I just joined tonight, but feel at home here. Many Thanks