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    ‘Course now that I have the interest in competition, repeating rifles are what I need…When I get caught up I will be working on a sort of cylindrical breech repeater..Its the Triplett and Scott rifle used briefly in the civil war..Easy scratch build aside from a crazy camming extractor.You might consider building one of those in the…[Read more]

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    Leather shoes would be good. While standing I have had a bit of lead splash onto my athletic shoe which is some sort of rayon or nylon and wont stop hot lead.

  • Of course Goodsteel is correct but if the OP will follow my advice he can be out shooting while he gets his tools and skills together and then cut the barrel shorter and do it correctly at the time of his choosing…Of course I am presuming he is short on tools and skills since he admitted to twice messing up threading with lathe…I being a tool…[Read more]

  • Welding all around the muzzle has caused it to constrict with the cooling of the filler metal .Since you already have the can installed and damage is already done I would bore out the rifling for about 3/4 inch back from the muzzle , put the can back on and try it .See if that gives you back some accuracy.

  • I scratch built two Favorites .Think they were like the 5th and 6th rifles I built from scratch and I think I spent a grand total of 3 weeks building the two of them..They’re not even half as nice as that one you have there. Beautiful chunk of wood you used….I have 3 or 4 old Favorite actions in my junk drawer. One had its upper tang brazed on…[Read more]

  • I wish I had thought of that yesterday..I took the .32-20 barrel off an unfinished Win. 1873 project and installed it on my Winchester model 65..Had to lathe about .090 off the chamber end ,so ‘course now I got to ream it deeper..The question came up whether the chamber reamer that I originally cut the chamber with had cut a proper leade..I had…[Read more]

  • They ought to let us old muthafkers join the military. I cant run very far but I have AMERICAN interests in my heart , and many of us being retired and bored would love the chance to kill some punk kids having 7th century values..Now that has little to do with a learning curve but isn’t as far out as a cat complaining about passed gas.

  • Goodsteel;n281 wrote: The problem with once fired brass is you don’t know how many times Mr. Once fired it. LOL!

    Eggzackardly !!

  • Mike …. Re-thinking. My easiest route is to set the .25 caliber barrel aside and instead build up a .32-20 …..I have a 1/2 completed Winchester 1873 project with a brand new .32-20 barrel installed on it…Barrel Threads for the 1873 are egggzackardly the same as the Model 65/92 . Dunno if the 1873’s mag tube will be long enough for the…[Read more]

  • By how much could changing light conditions effect shots at just 100 yards and less?

  • No Tim I don’t think (other than some fliers) it is anywhere near 10 inch cone of fire at 100 yards because it isn’t nearly that off the bench, I think what you were seeing offhand is inertia of the hammer dropping the end of the muzzle down when the heavy assed Rossi hammer slams down….Having fired this rifle for thousands of rounds I often…[Read more]