• Wondering the cost and if it is slow process.  Pistol  bullets are shot in fairly large quaniies and don’t want to get in over my head. Figure I shoot 3000 or so a yr.afish4570

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    Ended up buying a Weaver 30mm Illuminated dual X recticle 1.5 X4land (on sale)( the # 4 European Ill. is still on sale)called Talley and exchanged  the 1″ low rings for the 30mm(no chg. except for me shipping both ways}. Great fit and plenty of eye relief too.  Sighted gun  in using 300 gr JHP and 3031 for an estimated 1800fps (not chronoed) Un…[Read more]

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    I am at the age I need to scope my new Remlin 1895. The gun looks pretty good but still setting things up for deer season. My thought is to put a small scope like the VX 2 Leupold 1x4x20 using a Talley lo mount I have on hand. Don’t find much info on scoping the 4570. Anyone know if this setup will give me enough room for decent eyfish4570e relief. a

  • Goodsteel;n2838 wrote: You’ll want to add some tin to that range lead. Use the calculator I posted and figure your range lead as 1.5% antimony and no tin.
    Add enough of whatever tin you can get to make it equal to the antimony content.
    Cast your bullets slightly frosty and water drop them.
    Use Carnauba Red AKA: 2700+ from lar45 on this…

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    Crocs I too have had a few puncture wounds while wearing them. Had a piece of wire from a 4″ mini grinder cup type brush poke thru mine….wondering what the soreness in my foot was and it turned out to be a single bristle poking a nice hole. Just enough to tick me off and no infection. My most recent was a sharp stick stabbing me….a…[Read more]

  • For $20 on sale with a 20% coupon get the Harbor Fr. Brush Burner without the Elec. start button. These are propane fired using your 20# bottle used on your gas grill.This is used as an auxillary heat source and can be hand held to heat your pot or propped securing on spots around the pot to heat as required. I use a cut off old 20 # propane…[Read more]

  • Str8shot426;n4385 wrote: I have the Lyman hand priming tool. It came with a large and small primer tray. No complaints yet… it works.

    When the Lee Ram wears out and you can’t seat a primer all the way…..I take a thin strip of aluminum from a soda can about a 1/2 ” long put alittle automotive chaiss grease on both sides and trim to fit…[Read more]

  • Yesterday I smelted two 20# propane pots full to the top of range (pistol) bullets. My yield was way down since my last time doing this. The quantity of jacketed and plated bullets has cut the yield down alot (maybe 40%). Have lots of jackets to clean and sort out from the dross and skimmings and see if scrapping is worth time and bother. I will…[Read more]

  • Goodsteel;n1194 wrote: I took a walk out in the woods, one cold and snowy day

    Dad’s old rifle ‘neith my arm still looked the same old way.

    Reminded me of when I was young, and the fun that we once had,

    walking through the woods together, the “old man” and this lad.

    “Not so old”, I seem to think as I hunt on our…

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  • Calamity Jake;n1680 wrote: Joined a few days ago. Just saying hi, I won’t post alot but will read alot.

    Joined last week…..still putting around on Cast Boolits and Cast Bullets……to learn what I can. My main activity is action pistol shooting, IDPA and USPSA. Been shooting alot of 40 S&W using 180 gr. Lee cast from range lead. Have…[Read more]