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      Looking for a Pacific or Hornady DL 155 loader in 28 ga–or a complete set of 28 ga conversion dies for a DL 155.


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      Retread: you might have a problem finding such a thing as I don’t think Pacific ever made the DL155 in 28 ga or even .410 for that matter.

      I have a DL266 in 12 and .410 and paid $50 for the 12 ga one which was essentially new, and $250 for the .410 one. What I would suggest is finding a used DL266 and getting a set of dies from a 366 in 28 ga. which should mount up to the 266. You only need the sizing ring, the crimp starter and crimping die and some plastic wad guides. All of which are available from Hornady.

      The Pacific DL266 is arguably the best single stage reloader ever made. A shame they quit producing it.

      But,,, all that said,,,, Your best bet is to go buy a MEC in 28 ga as they are readily available and not super expensive.


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