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    I was wondering if anyone has read the; The Practical Guide To Long Range Shooting by Nathan Foster. I like what I read on web page before I send money for  a book I would like to get some opinions thanks rrh

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    These are a few review I found online, hope it helps.



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    I read his book on LR shooting and found it refreshing that someone was going back to the tried and true fundamentals of marksmanship.  He espouses returning to and using the old positions, especially for lighter weight hunting rifles.   Those positions were developed over many years and proved the best to use.  With the advent of “tacticool” positions and rifle holds true marksmanship with hunting weapons and even the lighter tactical rifles/carbines in use today is almost non-existent.

    His books are definitely worth the read. You can find a lot of his information in briefer synopsis at;

    You might read a bit there before deciding which of his books you want to buy.

    Larry Gibson


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