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    Old age is making iron sites harder to use. I’ll eventually need to scope everything.

    Back in 1990, I bought a 4x Bushnell Sportsview Scope for $30 NIB.
    It’s turned out to be a loyal performer.
    If I could find another Sportsview for that price, I’d grab it.

    I wouldn’t turn my nose up at a 3×9 or 4×12 either.
    I appreciate keeping an eye out for me.



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    I’ll be watching

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    I have one, but its busy, will watch for another.

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    I found a 3-9x 32mm Bushnell Sportsview at a local gun shop in their use case for $20, so I bought it. The glass is clear. The windage turret is a missing graduations, but I don’t think that is important as long as it holds zero.

    I’ve already mounted and bore sited it on my deer rifle.  Just waiting for the next available day to test it out.

    Thanks to all



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