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      My wife use to go all the time with me to the range to shoot. She really likes her 17 hmr savage . She hasent been going with me for the last couple of years always says she is to busy at the house. Well Saturday she surprised me saying you want to go to the range? Well of corse I do had a great time so did the kids

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      Thursday Ms decided we should go .

      We kind of made a day of it with a grill picnic and some wadding in the river about a half mile from the local range .

      Got the new scope dialed in on the 6.8 SPCII and revisited the every rifle is it’s own rule . Nothing wrong with 2″ at 100 unless you know 100% the rifle is good for half of that ………

      The 5 girls and I had a nice afternoon . My 2 daughter/grands , Mom , Ms and MIL .

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