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      I had a ” you’ve got to be kidding me the mechanics can’t possibly be that simple and so overlooked ……. can they ?” moment .

      We’ve established through a gazillion tests that the lead bullet gets squishy when it reaches a certain pressure limit per alloy , sometimes called slugging up . We know that the bullets are longer when we get them back than when we stuck them in the case and smaller than groove dia . We believe that none of this happens outside of the bbl . ( I’m not satisfied with the answers regarding air density impact but that’s my problem to figure out)

      Anybody remember the physical science demonstration of centrifugal gravity on the bucket of grain ?

      What if the rev threshold that we see is in fact the centrifugal gravity of the bullet ? What if that is the bullet crushing itself and forming the cone in its center ?

      Now I know this is far too simple a quantifier but it does fit mechanically in the physics numbers and looks like what’s described to be happening .

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