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      “CHEEPARDS PIE” or just Good Eats

      I’ll have to refine the recipe but here’s the ground floor version

      In a large oven proof pot
      put in 6 tbp butter and heat
      put in half a large onion diced
      add 6 tbp flour (Used unbleached)
      cook until roux and onions take on some color
      add two cloves of mashed/smash/minced garlic
      slowly add one can of chicken stock stirring this whole time.
      I had a deli chicken that I had robbed the breast from for
      my chicken tortilla cassarole so I took remaining meat off the bones
      and put in the pot, added 5-6 cups of frozen diced mixed veggies
      put in half a pint of cream and simmered and stirred periodically
      Add spices to taste
      – today used Pizza seasoning, dill, Adobe and a touch more garlic powder

      Start your oven to preheat to 350 F

      While this is simmering I took 5 large potatoes and took off the skin
      and put them in the microwave but didn’t quite cook all the way through
      just enough to get a knife to go thru with little resistance.
      then mashed ’em with salt, splash of milk and sour cream (to taste – about 8-10 tbp)
      now gently layer the mashed potatoes on top of the pie filling
      You want a fairly deep layer and sprinkle with a little cheese and
      pop into the oven for 30-45 min or so. Wait 10-15 then dig in.

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      Frank Dombek
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      Good to see you here. Those deli chickens are so handy for a lot of different uses.

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