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      My house is now 9 months behind schedule , instead of me and Dad working little gigs it’s me flopping around like an fish on a hot sidewalk because Dad’s gone now . The move was supposed to find us with easy job sources and plenty of work ….. Yeah about like keeping the peace at a Hells Angels , Mongols convention …… Clanish doesn’t really do justice as a description but it is as polite as I can be . I get it though I grew up in a small town and it takes 10-15 yr and a lot of new friends to settle in and get to be a Towny …

      So the cement guys have irritated me now and I’m pretty much done with them too . Having built most of my life I know what it takes and frankly I just didn’t want to pour the cement . $5,000 in labor has changed my mind and resulted in a design change of the house . Just like that I saved 20 yd of cement and I can finish it in just 3 little 7 yd pours myself . It will of course also take another 14 sacks of quickcrete but at a savings of $5000 dollars it made buying a personal sawmill a good deal also . After a little bit of math the mill should pay for itself someplace between the stairs into the loft , now 3′ shorter and the frame work for the kitchen island .
      Dad fortunately got into wood work after he arrived here 8 yr ago so I have a planer , surfacer , jointer and several routers to work the finish stuff make T&G and shiplap . This should be an adventure . We have a facility to force dry the rough sawn for basic framing and the sub floors and roughly 4300 trees per acre on the 9 wooded acres of my 11 . I can’t really get my head around actually having oak everything exposed because it the most available wood ….. Lots of pine too but it’s probably 40% oak ….. Might have to KD a load of lumber to haul out west .

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