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    In the header of the website I see the option to click on Groups. I am not subscribed to any groups, but then I don’t know what groups are available? Where can I find a director with a small description of each group available?

    I really am more at home with a 16″ crescent wrench than computers.

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    You and me both buddy. The “Groups” option came with the software, and I have made only one closed group for moderators. However, the new security that came with WordPress has made moderation a non-issue so far. Thousands of spammers are stopped in their tracks at the door thanks to our new home screen (it’s a PITA I know, but it works so darn well, I just couldn’t let it go.)

    Anyway, groups can be created on request, and I’m sure they will become a larger part of the forum as we grow and progress.

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