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      Rattlesnake Charlie
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      Thank you to all veterans.

      I know that tomorrow, the 11th, is the real day. But, I’m off today and have time to post.

      Rattlesnake Charlie
      Training 1972 – 1974
      USS John C Calhoun SSBN 630 5 patrols out of Holy Loch
      USS Archerfish SSN 678 Med run, northernruns, spec ops (boat stretched 16 ft to accomodate equipment and spooks)

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      Well said sir!!!

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      Thank you for your Service to OUR country

      Well done, well done


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      I want to thank all the Veterans.

      I have never been active duty myself, but have worked aviation maintenance for all the US armed Services. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines. Been to Afghanistan 2 times as a civilian contractor, helping the active duty guys with their aircraft.

      Been to Kandahar and Mazir -a-Sharif.

      The active duty service (veterans) thinking didnt really hit me until I was at Kandahar. I drove past the medical clinic every day enroute to work. It was a wood plywood structure, I seen better deer hunting hooches than the medical clinic in Kandahar. Made me wonder whenever I saw an ambulance inside the compound walls. Then one day it was my turn to go inside. I contracted the Kandahar krud, the violent stomach virus. and I mean violent. The Dr. in the clinic gives me a I.V. for fluids and sez “here, hold this over your head’.

      I’m thinking are you kidding me? this is a plywood building and you aint even got a ‘nail in the wall’ to hang a I.V. bag onto???

      That’s when it hit me. What about the active duty guys that go outside the fence, ? How do their injuries get taken care of? Do they hold their own I.V. bottle too? What if somebody come in here really shot up, broken up?

      And Kandahar was the biggest and best facility in that country. What about the active duty guys? How do they get treatment? gunshots, mortars, IED’s??

      I thank them for what they endure.

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      I didn’t serve .
      I have humped ammo for 22 yr for all 5 branches .
      I come from a long line of Vets 1775 through Korea.
      I married the USAF .
      I raised 1 Sailor out now , 2 went to the Army , 1 is currently in Iraq the other is out . 1 of 2 steps went to the Army , getting out of boot today .

      Thanks for your service .

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      I would like to thank all the veterans too!

      My oldest son is in the Army National Guard. Just recently his unit (engineers) was deployed to Puerto Rico to  help rebuild their island from the hurricanes this season. He called last night and we had a good long talk. I reminded him that rebuilding is not the only mission. He is representing not only himself and his unit but that he is also the face of our great nation and he should act accordingly. ” I know dad” he says.

      He’s a dang good son and a fine young man and I am immensely proud of him!!!

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      My Grandfather served, got a touch of gas in france in the WWI. Went to china later in the Navy. He was all set to go again in the WWII. He was in the Border Patrol in El Paso. They told him we need you where you are, watching our border.


      He was a kind southern gentleman with soft blue eyes. Till he picked up a gun.

      Then his eyes went gray, like Lake Superior Granite gray. And he could shoot.

      He had a .38 with a 6 inch barrel in a .45 frame and I saw him put 6 at 25 yards off hand that you could cover with a silver dollar.


      Dad served, he was in late as his dad told him that if he ran off and left him with all that work to do to never bother coming back. So he waited till one of his brothers came home. He was in El Paso, headed for Bragg I think to get his jump wings. Got in a bar fight with 3 mexicans to save a white woman. Broke his nose and his elbow.


      Missed his chance at wings.  When he was released they were about to drop the fat boy on Hiroshima. Brass said put him to work as an orderly till we see how this works out. 9 months later he mustered out, went home, bought half section and a 40 of land from his dad. Put a crop in, all Barley.  When he harvested the crop he had half paid for the land, his first tractor and a hired combine. He went back that winter to El Paso to say goodbye to mom, ended up staying and getting married instead.


      My Nephew served, West point, then 6 years. He got into logistics. Works for a big company now down in Huntsville Alabama.


      We who sleep safe at night thanks to all of you who have stood on the wall to protect us owe you everything.  But all I can give you is my respect and this. <Salute>


      Thank you.

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