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      UltraSonic Cleaner

      Just a FYI .. I picked up a med sized one off amazon .  2.5 liter in size

      Just a new tool I think every one should have if they can afford it

      I put it here in the gunsmithing section because today I am using it to clean grease and crud off of M1 garand parts

      as least anything that will fit.

      I have taken a Garand trigger assembly apart, put in it the cleaner with some simple green and some water .. set the timer to the max time (5 min) push start…….after 5 min you can not see the bottom of the tank .. app 2 inch deep .. grey/ brown water … hot water wash .. blow dry or on paper  …. almost as clean as it can get.. grease free.

      All most no smell.(simple green) but nothing you have to worry about … spark… flame.. etc…


      Last week I was using it to do a 2nd last clean on some brass.

      I use fine crushed walnut .. range brass 3h tumbler, resize/ trim brass..etc … then 5 min per load in the cleaner (critric acid and water)

      when done water wash then 30min in tumbler to dry water and Suprise  95% of the primer pockets are clean and the inside of the brass is clean…. no more primer pocket cleaning one at the time for me:)

      I have been reusing the critric acid, for several loads of p pocket cleaning …  pour water into another container and let the junk settle to the bottom then pouring it back in to the cleaned sonic cleaner.

      Almost as good as Duct tape





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      Been using the hornady small one for cleaning brass for several years.  Works fine and once you clean the factory PP, they get cleaner the more you US them.  The HF bigger one didn’t work very well for me.  Does a good job on AR BCG too. Start with hot solution speeds up the action also.

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