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      Over half a century of loading the common .38Spl I’ve tried dozens of bullet design and lots of different powders. Some clicked and were good and some were deplorable. But down through the years I’ve found a most common denominator. Five grains of Unique. From 125RF cast to 173gr Keith SWC’s and everything in between. Five grains of Unique appears often in my loading data records in the .38Spl.

      I like to keep the powder inventory to a selection that is both economical and few in types. Unique is one such powder, and has been a staple in my powder selection for ages. And loading the .38Spl with it simply became second nature for cost efficiency, selection, and accuracy. A “go to” powder if you will. And five grains the most common used amount. With the current lot of Unique I simply set either my 1903 mfg Ideal No.5 or 1960 No.55 top bar to 10 and either will drop 5gr of Unique. And that will push a Keith SWC to drop hogs. Make a 148gr wadcutter go the distance. And put a little 125RF into the same hole at 25yds and 2″ at a hundred with an open sight lever gun. That’s a lot from one charge of one powder.

      Now I know many of you gentlemen have pet loads for this caliber involving different powders. That’s quite natural and indeed healthy for us as shooters and the fine folks who build our powders. As for this old man living on a police pension, one single powder and load that will charge 1400 cases per pound, well ya gotta admit, that’s economical. 😉 Might even be thought of as sorta smart. Maybe. :rolleyes: I simply call it “The five grain solution. “

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      I agree with your five grain solution. This was my bread and butter 357 cast bullet load.
      For the record the same goes for 30-30 but with 10 grains of Unique. Just a great way to push lead.

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      I couldn’t agree more. Unique has been my bread and butter powder for several of my 38spl loads. For several years I was at 5.0 grains but for the last couple years I’ve lighten it up to 4.5 grains. Mostly 125-150 grains for me with100% cast. Plenty enough wallop to knock around steel plates at most any distance at the range we shoot at.

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