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      I just wanted to thank each of you who report the spammers to me. I work two jobs, and I’m not able to have eyes on at all times, so your help is invaluable.

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      You are welcome. I only wish I could send a torpedo back down to their computer when they post inappropriate things. I appreciate the integrity of this forum.

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      Very welcome sir. Yell if you need some help. I have been/am moderator for several forums. I know some of what you are dealing with.

      FYI the one I like the best is the slingshot forums. Owner has enabled mods for a single function. Removal of spam. They are not to get into anything else.
      Any question flag it and wait. It has been running that way for a year and a half.

      Had a severe baba spam infestation but it has been almost a year since the last one was perma banned.

      All that being said I totally accept that this is your baby, and you are rightfully cautious about doing anything that could change it.

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