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      Hoping someone can help. I have a T/C 10″ 357mag Hot Shot bbl I bought in the 80’s when I started shooting IHMSA silhouettes. I took the rib sight off and had a scope mount installed. At that time, that was the only set-up my local shop had , and being as impatient as I am, I bought it. Now I would like to return it to a shot bbl again but cannot find the front sight elevation screw. This screw does not screw into the bbl,but butts up against the bbl and the front sight has threads on the front to engage the screw to rise and lower the sight blade. Does anyone by chance know the size and dimensions of the screw or where I may obtain such a screw? I tried the T/C web sight ,but my computer won’t let me on due to T/C not setting up their web sight properly to prevent hacking. Never ran into that before. I will try to contact Mike Bellm and see what he has to say
      Thanks for any help

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