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      I recently bought this Hi-Power from CDI via gunbroker. I know it has a T serial number, but cdi had a bunch of these with serial numbers up to T380XXX which does not correlate to a T series Browning. The little research I did implied that FN would do serial number ranges of whatever the customer ordered. So, T series made for the US market for Browning in no way correlates to the T series FN made for Israel.

      What I found most interesting is the right side of the slide, and frankly it is why I bought this example as it is the only one I have seen. It has the Inglis style relief cut into the slide, like those made in WWII. It seems the Israelis would order whatever features they could think of and FN built them. I found it odd enough I bought it.

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      Interesting. I hope that it shoots well for you.

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      I have or I should say my daughter has a WWII Nazi (Belgium) with the same relief cut you reference.
      A T series would peak my interest as well. Great find. best of luck with it.

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      Look at the proof marks on the barrel and it will tell you in which year it was proofed 🙂

      If the dates agree with the chart then *W was an Inspector

      WWolfs Nicolas19521968

      My shotgun was made in “f” or 1927

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