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    Stock is a Never issued Italian M1 Garand stock With some storage Issues

    Before Steaming (wet rag and a clothes Iron)Photos.

    Bottom view

    Side view

    Grip area 1

    Trigger area

    Before Photos

    If you are wondering Why am I trying to save this stock

    it has some nice grain … it is walnut .. it was low cost .. Stocks are hard to find that do not look like a chew toy

    and when I test fit the receiver I had to use a rubber mallet on it and 85% of the area that matters for fit is Great

    for a perfect fit need to trim less than .005 . or just glass bed it and never get it out of the stock again

    I did pick up some used stocks for another receiver, but after spending Hours cleaning them of oil and crud it is a bit disapointing to find cracks in the side of the stock where the receiver fits… Glue time .. but how strong is the glue

    Will post some after steaming photo tomorrow when I can take some in the daylight


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     Wayne (Jhsfun ) 
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    Saved for after Steaming Photos… this My first Stock that I have done this way

    I am Shocked On how much of a dent can be steamed out.

    Front of stock


    trigger area

    front stock 2

    Front of stock 2

    I thing that about 95 % of the dings steamed out .

    After taking some 150 / 200 grit sandpaper to stock you can not feel where the ding was.

    Now have to fit stock before rest of refinish is done..

    Ps I might have to refinish my wood stock on my Sako that got dinged up Hunting one year. Good thing  I did not break a leg or any thing when I fell..

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