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      Man I swear it’s like everyone has the molygrubs on .
      Joe ; did ya see the new 50 state legal suppressed ML .
      Bob ; yeah it’s ugly and unwieldy .
      Jim ; I ya can’t be happy with a traditional style ML you got no business in the woods
      Smart ax Harter ; well maybe you shouldn’t have a flint lock ,maybe you should only be using a match lock . Maybe you should give up that groove stuff in side the barrel too . How’s about a nice match lock fowler ? Yeah that way your not cheating on field craft …….

      Smart ax goes on about how Colt , Smith , Wesson and LeMat ruined everything then this Browning guy just opened up the tanker truck on the fire …….

      While I was making fun of the goober that is disgusted by the idea of the inline ML I was trying to visualize how the heck I’d get a patched ball shoved through a suppressor …… actually it was more how the patch would get out through the baffles . ……

      Ok I get it . It’s a design only suitable for things like Maxi/ Minnie ball and power belt type bullets .

      Everywhere I go lately is just one angry unhappy doofus after another .

      You know why George SR didn’t have a dog at the white house ?
      Because he kept chasing the Quail and peeing on the bushes .

      Ever seen Stevie Wonders wife ?
      It’s cool neither has he .

      How about a nice Hawiian Punch ?

      So these 2 Irishmen and a Scott walk out of a bar ….. Badoom Chuck .

      Wow tough crowd …….
      It would probably help if I posted . No ?

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      I heard about that, a suppressed muzzle loader. Say what????

      Maybe I’m a nerd, but, in my state muzzle loaders are allowed in muzzle loader season……

      That is,,,……209 primers, sabots, conical bullets, scopes, et al,   and my state calls it ‘primitive weapons’

      I got one of those, got all the shotgun primers, powder pills, optical glass et al, I’m sorry Gents, but, that AIN’T primitive technology.

      That is every bit of a .45-70, all the live long day……………..

      That is just as much ‘primitive’ as is Hillary is president !!! LOL

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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hey!!!!</p>
      I deburred the baffles with a file once the CNC was done machining them. That’s primitive see?


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      Yeah I saw it, no I was not interested. I had my fling with front stuffers and holy black back in the late 70’s. Cap and Ball pistol in the early 80’s.


      That ain’t what I would call primitive either.

      Half the guys who seemed interested were unhappy because they did not make it do smokeless.


      Well as it seems I saw up above, that is a slow reloading single shot .45-70.

      A machine gun it ain’t, but primitive it also is not.


      You want a challenge? Go out into the woods with a knife. Give yourself a week. Nobody starves to death in a week. Any tool you can build with natural materials you find and your knife is legal. No snares or traps.


      You get a deer you get your name in the paper and on a big brass plaque at the state capitol.  That is primitive. If that rocks your boat, enjoy.


      But don’t give me this BS about a 209 primer fired moderator equipped gun as being primitive. Might as well take out a Mosin with one round. About equal challenge I think.

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      I did later remind the parties that we must all hang together or we shall certainly hang separately .

      For the law we have to have open sights and use BP or a sub . No batteries , tubes , frames or smokeless powder allowed .

      I think it’d be cool to have one if just for practice . If SHUSH goes , which I doubt but I put pen to paper anyway, my wish list has either an Invector or Accu-choke adapter for 12 ga or full alteration of a spare BPS barrel . Sure a suppressor would look silly on a Hawkens but that’s why I have a spare $100 Frontier to cut 12 ga invector threads in .

      So there’s this outhouse on boot hill with a red flashing light on top . Name the nationality of the 4 men on the hill.

      The guy going up is Russian
      The guy going down is Finnish
      European is inside
      There’s a Pole at the bottom waiting for the light to change .

      Geeze I hust thought it was weird that a guy would get all spun up about the opportunity to get some of the tacky cool crowd maybe interested in a Classic JP Jones (or whomever) Pennsylvania and it’s history …….. I didn’t mean to throw a bucket of buzztails down the isle at the Second Baptist Church of Omaha ….

      Ya know why sharks avoid the mob ?
      Cause they’re all packing rods ! 🙂

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