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      So after over twenty years somebody finally brought a Routledge bore Remington 510 in the shop. I unzipped the case and saw the bead front sight and no rear sight and new right away what it was. Hopefully he doesn’t come back for it. I don’t think he has a clue what it is. Probably wonders why it won’t group.

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      I heard the durn things weren’t worth having. Won’t group Remington gold bullets worth a durn. I read on the internet though that if you buy Winchester Wildcat HV 22 and put an X in the tip of the bullet with a Philips screwdriver, it’ll shoot one hole at 100 yards though, and I BELIEVE what I read on the internet by gums!

      We’ll just hope he forget’s about it and it gets to stay with somebody that appreciates the history there. Very cool.

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      I never actually seen one of those Remingtons but back in the 90’s I helped a friend out at his fun store and he bought several Magtech rifles that were smooth bore. At first he only ordered a couple and when a local farmer seen them, he bought one and word of mouth spread quick and I would say he sold six or eight before he couldn’t get more.
      They claimed to shoot pests in side their barns.

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