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      So I lucked into a good size bag of Tomatillo’s today
      Got them home and as I like Verda Salsa I thought I’d try my hand at it.

      1 – 2 pounds fresh tomatillos
      5 fresh jalapeno or serrano chiles (more if you like hotter)
      3-4 garlic heads, unpeeled (fewer if you have larger heads)
      1/2 cup fresh cilantro finely chopped
      2 large onion, 1 coarsely chopped and one cut in half
      2 teaspoons coarse salt
      1 table spoon of sugar

      So peel off the paper and wash the Tomatillo’s under HOT fresh water to get the sticky off
      (if persistant just take a veggie brush and scrub under the water)

      Get ready to Broil in Oven set rack to 3-4 inches from element now Pre heat the broiler to 500 F

      Take a baking sheet (or two of you have enough Tomatillo’s) and
      put down a layer of aluminum foil,
      then split the tomatillo’s and place face down on the sheet.

      Cut the Chiles in half and place cut side down on top of Tomatillo’s
      Cut the Garlic in half and place cut side up on top of Tomatillo’s (sort of nest it in place)
      Take an onion remove outer skin and cut in half and nest cut side up in with Tomatillo’s

      Put in the Oven 7-10 min until the skins of the Tomatillo’s start taking on color and soften.
      The Onion won’t be cooked just softened and the Jalapeno’s will have taken on color
      The Garlic will be soft and can be squeezed out of their paper’s.

      In a large bowl put the roasted Tomatillo’s
      Now remove the seeds and ribs from the Jalapeno’s and put in the bowl
      cut the onion halves into 8-10 pcs and put in the bowl
      add Salt and get your Immersion Stick Blender (or you can do this in a regular blender)
      Fire up Mr Buzzy or Mr Blender and let the ingredients liquify
      then add the sugar, finely chopped cilantro and
      coarsely chopped onion and stir, (no NOT Mr. Buzzy or Mr. Blender) with a spoon.
      Your now ready to use the salsa with chips or on your other mexican foods.

      Simple and easy – if you want it thicker then roast as above
      – remove onion, garlic and chilles from sheet pan after roasting
      and move tomatillo’s to lower rack and cook off more of the tomatillo juices.

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