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      A few months ago I read an article in one of the gun rags about the Remington 600, a rifle that was only built for a few years in the early 60s, and which had a few design flaws that kept it from becoming a lasting success: plastic “bottom metal” and a plastic vented barrel rib for starters. It also came with a “dogleg” bolt handle (think 100XP). I was intrigued, as I sometimes am when I see something weird or out of the ordinary. A quick check on Gunbroker revealed that these rifles could be had for reasonable money, and I picked up one in 243 Win for about 200 bucks and had it sent to my local FFL:

      The barrel rib was missing, but hey, I got a free Chinese $20 scope!! Score!!

      The barreled action was sent to Tim while I refinished the stock myself. This was going to be a rifle for everyday use, so no great stock maker skills were needed. Sanded down and given about 5 coats of True Oil with some steel wool TLC between each coat. Plenty sufficient and it didn’t look bad either.

      I also ordered a new steel trigger guard from Numrich, since the factory plastic trigger guard screamed “lousy accuracy”.

      Soon Tim called me and told me he had a fluted bull barrel available (takeoff), and should we send it to JES for re-boring? We decided that 358 Winchester (1:14 twist) was the way to go, and in a few weeks the barrel was back. Along with a new Timney trigger, the aftermarket bottom metal and a Leupold scope rail, Tim soon had the new rifle assembled:

      (OK the rail wasn’t mounted yet).

      As soon as I got the rifle I screwed on a Nightforce benchrest scope to test the accuracy. I was not disappointed.

      The rifle performed exceptionally well:

      I was especially happy with the Hornady 200RN loads, since this was the bullet I had been planning to shoot.

      Next up I mounted the scope I’m planning to use for hunting; a 3x Nikon compact scope mounted in Warne 1″ low rings. Next range visit turned out well:

      The rifle is back at Goodsteel’s for a minor modification: That dogleg bolt handle is a PITA to lift; the bolt knob is way too small for my medium/large hands, so Tim is welding on a new bolt handle.

      Another successful build from MBT.

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      That rifle was truly exceptional. A target of opportunity as it were. I just had a feeling in my guts that it would work out like a champ and it did!

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      Looks like you have a winner there bjornb.

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      Cool rifle.

      As of lately, I am into the short rifles.

      What is the difference of the Rem 600, and the model 7 ??

      The 7 shares the same 700 action, doesn’t it?

      what about the 600, is it a 700 action too?

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