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    Reloading For the M1A -308
    if you Just want to shrink that long range group size What do you need to do ??

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    just a start to get you on paper

    and as a note all loads to be used at own risk –> do not trust loads you get on the internet

    Use a hard primer as the M1a does not have a spring on the firing pin and slam fires have been known to happen

    Do not use Federal primers

    start low and work up as per all reloading Manuals

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    LC match brass
    168 grain SMK
    42.5 grains of IMR4895
    CCI 200 LR primer
    Assemble to a COAL of 2.800

    This load should give you about 1.5MOA or less (ten shot groups), as I have seen in the rack grade M1A, M1A Scout, and M1A select Match rifles. If it doesn’t shoot this load well, then it needs a new barrel.
    That said, the M1A is not a “precision rifle”. It’s a main battle rifle with more precision than it needs to engage the enemy out to 600 yards with extreme effectiveness.
    After being into several of them, it’s my opinion that if you manage to make one shoot less than 1MOA (ten shot groups), it’s just a matter of time before that opens back up to the 1.5-2.0 inch mean average, so don’t sweat it! If you need to shoot tennis balls at 400 yards, use a precision bolt action rifle and let your M1A do the job it is so very adept at performing.
    A machete makes a lousy whittling knife, but if you need to do some serious cutting, there’s only one choice between the two.

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    IMR 3031 powder and Sierra 168 match kings.
    Try 41.5 grs..
    Keep the loads down in that range as the service rifles weren’t made to handle the continuous pressures of a bolt gun.

    Also try Norma 202,and of course the usual 4895.
    I have had the best accuracy in my NM rifle with IMR 3031.

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