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      I need advice on a red dot for my CZ 75 pistol.  My local club has amateur 3 gun matches.  I’m good with no correction for rifle and shotgun but need corrective help with the open sights on the handgun.  I cannot go changing glasses mid match.  Red dots work fine for me without prescription glasses.  I don’t want the bulk and weight of a tube type red dot.

      There are several makes of basses that would fit the CZ dovetail.  Thin mounts for specific brands of red dots and also a mini picatinny dovetail mounted rail.  I’m hoping something in the $200 price range.

      Any advice appreciated

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      Easy answer.

      Vortex Viper red dot. I’ve milled lots of slides for various red dot sights (and test fired every single one per policy) and the Vortex is by far my favorite.

      In classic Vortex style, the adjustments are properly calibrated, and its very natural to get into the sight quickly. Precision is fantastic.

      In contrast, I find the Trijicon RMR to be bulky, and the Leupold Delta Point to be a little less intuitive. Seems “dim?” by comparison? Hard to explain.

      Mounting these sights into a slide cut for them (again, only the best at MBT. The sights almost press into the slide they fit so perfectly) puts the line of site very low on the slide which allows your muscle memory to put the gun in play exactly as you normally would without feeling like you’re looking over the gun.

      That’s my 2 cents worth.

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      Speaking of Red Dot sights, I put a Vortex StrikeFireII red dot on an AR-15 build I did for one of my children. It seems like a good compromise between quality and price. What do you all think of this optic compared to others? I’m going to outfit two more rifles with either red dot or scopes. Since the two to go have little shooting experience (the older two shot with me on the range and were both Army Scouts), I am leaning towards the red dots as opposed to the low powered variables. I do like the Leupold low powered variable with an electronic red dot in the center of the reticle. Helps us old farts. BTW, the Vortex StrikeFireII with red/green option is about $180 on Amazon. The rifle builds are about $1300. I did a little upgrading. And, as always, they can trade their optic for something else I have of similar value. Not the Zeiss 4.5-15.

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