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      At times I think I need to be slapped up along side the head to return me to reality.
      Am so fearful of the hildabeast getting the oval office I actually was rooting for this
      guy the other night and was very happy he won !!!!!
      My clutch must be slipping.

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      It’s funny but what he was saying a yr ago made sense and sounded good …….then the campaign wheels started to turn by December it was clear that he was oof the rails . The most frightening thing to me is that Hellary mi th t take him as a running mate and win……

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      I do hope Hillary ends up as the candidate. Democrats just may actually vote for Bernie.

      I was going to go to Missoula today to pick up some things, until I heard Bernie was going to be down there. I wouldn’t want any of my friends to see me, and think I was going to the rally.

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      If this were true, I’d almost vote for Bernie!

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      Working in the Liberal Mecca of Texas,I’m well aquainted with a number of hardcore dems.They are not only excited about the Hildabeast as a candidate but eager to see it in the White House.

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