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    What to use when you have to Re line Safe

    I have a low end safe .. combo … was made by a local shop .. sold at the local GS .. no Fire rating

    Does have Good thick Steel in it..

    Has some black porous Rubber stuff on the inside (Stop safe kiss)

    I brought home a a bayonet / knife and stuck it in the safe.. big mistake

    I Am now cleaning guns with mold on the wood stocks

    thinking need to replace interier padding .. What to use ??

    the porous rubber will not be able to clean it

    No mold on my win 30-30 and 40 year old pellet gun but wiped down anyway

    everything else had some

    Need some ideas on what to use..


    But lots on SXS iga shotgun



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    I hate hearing stuff like this . I’ve lived it all in the dry country and I’m boarding on rust paranoia .
    For mold and fungus moisture is the key keep it dry ….that hard to do when every day is 50/50 for rain and 2/7 constitutes a drought . I would give the under coating rubber stuff a chance . If it is a silicone or vynle base a wash and total dry out will get it done . A solution of I think it’s 1/4 cup of Clorox per gallon of water will kill just about everything in a simple wipe down , soak a little bit and if possible dry it in direct and it should take care of the mold IN the safe . All of the chlorine will evaporate in a day or so my safe needs a bigger Golden Rod or the just enough unit just isn’t enough it’s holding but not like I had expected .

    If it is a true rubber product coating I’m no help because almost anything you put on it to kill mold fungi etc will make the rubber gooey .

    I’d talk to the shop that made the safe and see what they say about getting it cleaned up .

    Epoxy paint as a last resort after clean up efforts at the very least it will lock it all in and keep it there .

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     Rattlesnake Charlie 
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    Sounds like maybe some of those bags of desiccant might help. Most can be regenerated by a careful trip through the oven. I have experience with desiccant systems to dry compressed air systems that deliver compressed air to large power plants. They work. Also, VCI paper is available on Amazon. You usually find this when you order something like a bullet mold. The chemical given off retards the start of rusting. I bought some years ago. Mine came in like many sheets folded into a clump about like a 2 x 10. I peel some off to throw into plastic boxes containing molds or gun parts. The rest of the “clump” resides in my gun safe.

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     Wayne (Jhsfun ) 
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    The Mold seems to grow on any stock that is not sealed well

    Iga Shotgun 90% of molt was in the cherckering finish is very thin

    win 30-30 has a shiny finish BLO??? had none

    My home made m14 stock (black chery) is not finished but i wanted to shoot it and Keep the oils from my hands staining the wood just has a single coat of marine varnish on it and had none

    old 22 had lots of mold .. finish is old and chipped

    I have some of the desecant in the safe but it needs to be dried


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