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      I have three RCBS shell shell holders close to that of .45 Colt / .44 mag. Just what do I have?

      #18  Only  .44 mag fits

      ##  Only .45 Colt with extraction groove and .44 mag fit
      No misprint here, there is no actual number stamped, just a “#” symbol. Photo attached.

      #20 Both .45 Colt (with and with mini extraction grooves) fit.

      I must say that I bought my RCBS .45 Colt dies carbide dies in about 1974. About the same time I did buy out a guy who had a set of RCBS .44 mag steel dies, which I still own. And, along the way; I have now idea of what else I might have accumulated (think about 500 lbs of reloading dies and mold blocks).

      My question is: “Did RCBS made separate dies for .45 Colt before the practice of cutting a significant extraction die come into practice? And, if so; about when did this occur?

      I’ve attached photos of the “#” shell holder and applicable brass.

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      Is it cut for a thicker rim ? It could be for 45 AR or Schofield .
      It could also be for something like 7×57 rimmed . Or a more common cartridge like 30-30 . I think that in both of those the 44 would fit but the 45 Colts wouldn’t . If it were for a 7,8,9x 57 rimmed there wouldn’t have been an odd die set just an shell holder .

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