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      Last weekend I made a 959 mile road trip up through Las Vegas, NM, to Colorado Springs, over the pass, through some wilderness to Salida, CO, and finally through Chama, NM and back to Los Alamos, NM. While driving west through Salida, CO, on US 50 I saw an OPEN sign on a gun store. I pulled into the center turn lane, made a U-turn, and pulled into the parking lot. It was open. On Sunday! And, they had a nice selection and were well stocked. A little pricey, but they don’t get too much traffic through that town. A Savage 24-C (.22 LR and 20 ga) caught me, and followed me home. Both rifle and shotgun bores were clean and sharp. The barrel had been painted with either black or Cerakote. The stock had been painted black, and had numerous scratched and dings. The big surprise was when I got it home and discovered that the trapdoor in the buttstock held the original cleaning rods and bore mop. I suspect that is rarer than the gun itself.


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      I had one of those probably 40+ years ago.  Loaded the 20 ga shells on a lee loader, smacking them with a hammer.  When the crimps split I would trim them off, shorten the wad column and keep on going.  I used it for several years squirrel hunting but don’t remember what happened to it.  Nice find !!

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      I have one of those also in 22Mag over 20 Gauge.  Shoots great! Enjoy it!

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      I knew a guy that said that If he could only have one gun this would be it.

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      This firearm is a quandary to me. On the one hand, I could never see a use for it. On the other, the quality is of the same ilk as the venerable Model 1899 (superb) and the precision of the upper barrel is almost legendary. Everyone I ever talked to who has owned one of these has an “I kick myself in the ass for letting it get away” story.

      Congratulations on a very fine find.

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