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      First off I want to thank Larry Gibson for his knowledge & help with this cast bullet.

      I will post some pictures just as soon as I can scale them back to where they will download. My camera phone will not take a small enough picture for it
      to download. And some dummy left my camera on and the battery has to charge.

      I loaded 10 rounds each with IMR 4895 28.0 GR, 28.5 GR. & 29.0 GR. I was able to get 1.0 gr. tufts of Dacron. For the first time with this powder and filler combo
      it was time consuming and that is why I only had 30 rounds. The first 3 shots made a ragged hole and then started to flare out, a bit discouraging but better
      than anything else tried. I cleaned the barrel and started with the 25.8 gr loads I got 7 rounds on paper and 3 rounds wouldn’t chamber (another long story).
      These 7 rounds were a pretty good group not great but better than 28.0. The gun really liked the 29.0 gr. rounds best group so far.

      I’m beginning to like that bullet and powder.

      Len H.

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