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    We have some trucker friends staying with us for a few days while their Semi is in the shop.  Adrian wanted to learn to reload, but never had the time, but their truck won’t be ready for 4 days.  So it’s a crash course in casting bullets and loading for rifles and handguns.  Their 12yo Son has a brand new Win M94 30-30 that hasn’t been shot once, so I thought we’d start with some light plinking loads and load up a small pile for them to take home to get their son started shooting and getting familiar with his rifle.

    I already had a bunch of the Ranch Dog 165s sized to .311 and lubed with Carnauba Blue, so we used those.  We seated them to engage the rifling at 2.475″ and loaded with 7 grains of Unique for 1183 fps out of my Win 94.

    I put 5 rounds across the chronograph to check velocity and shot the target below at 25 yards resting off the side of the pickup bed.  I hope they shoot as well in his son’s rifle.

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    I acquired a plain based bullet on this design. Anyone have anything to offer for good shooting? I have not you loaded any of them. As my grandmother used to say “You’ve got too many irons in the fire!” She was right about a lot of stuff.

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    The 3030 I have to work with is just stupid easy to get along with . I’ve used straight from the book IMR 4350 data for bullet weight for jacketed with several bullets and shot little groups with start loads giving max load speeds , even with the NOE version of the RD 165 .

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    Looks like a good boolet. Should shoot very good

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    From my 336, 170gr RD like PB, COWW, upper left.  185 is same with GC vs a real RD.

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