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      I picked up a box of some 45 and 9mm jhps from Rainier awhile back to load for a friend…  We tested the 9mm 124jhp by shooting through an old cooler full of water and they expanded great and were all found inside of the cooler.  We taped the holes and refilled the cooler to try out the 45-230jhps at just over 900fps.  They all went clear through the cooler and didn’t expand at all.

      The bullets are really soft and when dropped onto a concrete floor will leave a flat mark on them, so it seemed abit odd that they didn’t expand.  I got around to retrying the test again yesterday.  I shot 3 of them lengthwise through the cooler full of water, about 20″, one of them opened up perfectly and stayed inside the cooler, the other 2 passed straight through and were dug out of the clay berm.  I rinsed the mud off and saw that the hollow points were clogged with the insulation from the cooler.  So next I took the lid off and shot straight down hitting the water first and dug that one out of the clay.  That one did open up and expanded almost as nice as the first one.

      The one on the right was fired down into the water.

      Looks like they will all be used up as plinkers.

      I think I’ll try the same test with my carry ammo to see if the hollow points will get plugged up and fail to expand.

      Here’s the 124jhp 9mms


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      The rainier bullets I tried where for my 40 S&w pistole and carbine. I got them as left overs from a guy at work who loaded some of them up for qualifying and didint use them all. So I got the rest of the bullets to try. I thank they where the 165 gr hp bevel base extra thick plating. I really didint care at the time if they expanded any because all I was shooting was paper. I tried looking on the net and calling rainier to find out what the bhn was but they would not tell me. To me they seemed kind of hard but no way to test hardness. They did shoot really good for me expecally in my high point carbine

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