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      Does anyone here use this type of optic? Seems it would take some getting used to not having the point for up close shooting not in the center.

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      What you show there is a Sightmark retical.

      No, I don’t personally own one, but it works like an upside down full buckhorn. There is a fine dot in the middle of the center ring (empty horseshoe) and another located between the legs of it. For normal shooting at 0-200, you just put the bad guy in the ring and press the goodbye switch.

      For 300, you put the bad guy between the legs of the horseshoe and use the second fine dot to place your shot.

      As you run down the vertical leg of the retical, all the rest of your come ups are designated with the occasional kick-off bar. The left is graduated for 55gr bullets, and the right is 62gr bullets.

      The theory is that the bullets will rise and fall directly in line with that vertical line and the kick-off bars are just the theoretical coincedence of bullet strike at distance.

      In reality, the particular firarm you are working with, coupled with the wind conditions in a certain situation could make all of the stuff below the horseshoe totally irrelevant.

      Practice with anything long enough and you can learn to make use of every bit of the sights available to you, but honestly, I don’t know why anybody would be shooting the 223 cartridge at 700 meters from an AR platform in the first place, and if they did, why they would choose a sight like this is beyond me.

      Personally, I see something like this as a sub-200 meter rapid response sight, and it would work just as well without all the fancy crap under the horseshoe, but hey, gotta draw the flies eh?

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