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      Let us pray for the souls in the Texas flooding.

      Do we have any members in need here on the forum?

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      I don’t know if we have members down there. Its bad, that’s for sure.

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      All the folks I know in Texas and have communication with on anything resembling a regular basis are safe , warm and dry .
      I have met and spent a little time with Mike ,Ranch Dog most places in Cuero . He posted a Doppler map Saturday that showed Harvey’s center 600′ from the house . He weathered it out and was still dry this morning .
      Another over north of Crockett says it’s a slop fest but they still have good run off and little to no standing water .

      I saw some pictures of Houston lots of standing water 10′ in places .

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      We came out pretty good in my area. A couple of nearby streets were flooded enough that cars should not have tried crossing the water (but they *tried* anyway). As such, when I was driving around that day in my pickup, they were abandoned in the middle of the street. It wasn’t an emergency, so I limited myself to water that was no deeper than the top of the running boards on my truck. I encountered a couple of places like that and had to drive up on the curb to get around some spots. In the area enclosed by the nearest levees, we did not even have water over the curbs. The next levee area past that though had water over the curbs and. They had the pumps running and it eventually got pumped out so that someone downstream will have a chance to experience it. I didn’t receive any wind damage, but a small tornado damaged some houses in an area a few miles away from what I heard. The tornadoes that we get around here tend to be the F1 type and as such usually just consists of knocking down wooden privacy fences and removing shingles (and sometimes some decking) from roofs. My wife was out of town and it took 2 weeks before she could make it back.

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