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      Hodgdon now has their new line of “dot” powders.
      Alliant just brought out Clay Dot.
      I think the dog may have finally caught his own tail.

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      It is all for Marketing, it is all for selling product to loyal brand followers. It can also be good for pricing, that is good for all of us, the more to chose from, the more competition in pricing to sell a product generally reduces price.

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      Well I am fortunate enough to be sitting on enough Red Dot that I can sit back and watch developments without concern.
      I will be watching to see these new powders show up on my dealers shelves. I don’t mind skipping hazmat and shipping charges when I can.
      But I realised some time back that I can not depend on them to have what I want when I need it.

      Big Thanks to Ballistics Products and reasonable prices. You guys are awesome.

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