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      Been working on some cast loads for the Mosin 91/30 using H-4895 / Lee 185 gr. RN GC bullet and working my way up towards the 2K fps velocity range. I’m not quite there yet velocity wise but accuracy is still excellent and I still have plenty of room to go with the charge weight.

      Anyway I had these 5 Lee 170 gr. RNFP GC bullets I had PC’ed and sized to .314″ so I thought what the heck lets load them up with the same 33.0 grs. of H-4895 where I had stopped at with the test loads I was shooting this past Saturday. This Mosin has the MOJO rear peep sight and the original factory front sight post so I’m eye balling this rifle at the 50 yd. back yard range. I was kinda pleased at how well it / they shot,I’m going to have to PC some more of those bullets and add them to my next batch of test loads I plan to shoot next weekend.

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