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      I saw this link

      Thought it might be good to talk about your pantry and what we keep and how we use it.

      So I have a few places I get stuff to always keep on hand – some for quick use some for more cooking intense use.
      I like to have on hand at all times…
      Bottled WATER – being in Desert country – good way to be able to transport
      MRE’s – enough for 2 people for 3 days
      RICE – Bulk bag and bowls of microwavable
      Oatmeal – Old Fashioned Quaker
      GP Wheat Flour – and assorted other (rice, buckwheat, wholewheat, cake)
      Powdered Milk
      Instant Potatoe Pearls
      Peanut Butter – amazing how long a PBJ will hold you
      Nuts – assorted (cashew, peanut, walnut, etc)
      Jelly (with wife being diabetic it has to be low sugar)
      Powerade (zero calorie for the wife)
      Wine – Both to cook with and for me to consume
      Spirits – again for cooking and self medication
      Canned and Frozen Veggies
      Jerky – either home made or commercial
      I like to buy my Beef in Primal’s and then cut into individual cuts myself – Freeze in ziplock bags
      spices – Hot Sauce, Salt, Black Pepper, taco seasoning, Pizza Seasoning, Pumpkin spice, Chinese 5 spice, garam masala, Adobo, Fish Sauce
      There’s more but just to get the ball rolling I list these.
      Besides what I listed what else do you like to keep on hand?

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      It’s been long enough since I’ve seen the back of the pantry that I’m not sure what’s in there……….

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      Right now I have been putting everything in vacuum sealed bags. I have been using a older chest freezer in the basement for storage as it is steel sides and critter proof. It is full of sugar, salt, rice, flour, pinto beans, dried fruit, canned butter, nonfat dried milk, egg crystals, some jerky. Upstairs I have a couple of bags of chicken jerky sold for dog treats. And yes the dog gets one every day while the cat is fed. And yes if needed I’d re hydrate and cook into soup.

      I have a bookcase full of canned goods that we cycle in and out. Old stock moved forward, new stock at the back.

      Even if we lost power I anticipate some time after the natural gas will still flow. So we have a big cooking party and can and preserve everything possible while possible.
      We have the canning gear, the jars, the kettle, the lids and the know how.

      Water is harder, I recently filled and stored some 300 16 oz bottles with water. Packed into cardboard boxes each car has one, some in basement, some on porch, some here, some there. Gallon milk jugs get rinsed out, use hot water to soften the glue, peal labels, refill with cold water to join the herd on the porch. If we ever need it, every one of them is liquid life in a bottle. Staying in a cool basement, keeping activity down, i think we could get by on a gallon a day. But water is bulky and heavy and takes up a lot of space.

      But the real thing to store is knowledge and skills. They can’t take those away from you as long as your alive.

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      But I think I like this one better for a smoke house in addition to a pantry being stocked, but either would serve well provided a good draw is happening.

      Root cellars are a dying item as well being replaced by deep freezers and dehydration.

      Large pantry yep have one keep it stocked with canned goods usually soups dried beans dried meats of sorts, Japanese style noodles, Spices Like many stated hot sauce, BBQ Sauce, mustard and ketchup, different sauces, canned tomatoes, salsa, chips things that don’t require refrigeration.

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      I have a deep freeze jammed full of beef pork and chicken probably some venison and fowl .
      I have I guess 10-12 cases of half liter bottles of water on hand and 15-35 gallons of water available for the water cooler and cooking.
      I guess at the case water because there’s a case more or less in each vehicle and a couple in the summer camper and the winter camper each and I try to keep 5 or so in the house .
      The actual pantry has assorted box goods ,sack containers of salt,flour and sugar . Currently 80 or so lb in beans and noodles . We’re out of rice but a buy will be along shortly . We stock canned veggies and soups in cases with upwards of 8 on hand any given day. I try to keepfresh fruits and veggies on hand in 2-3 week cycles .

      I also know where a shovel and a wagon will supply fresh clean spring water every day.

      We tend to be able to pack and remove everything in the winter rig in probably 30 minutes. Although the freezer would pose a problem with that in a rush evacuation .

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