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     Larry Gibson 
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    The CMP has established a rule change to allow optics on AR “service rifles” for NMC competitions since the military mostly uses optice these days. Might be a boon to some of us older NMC service rifle shooters who don’t compete anymore since we can’t see the ARs front sight post to clearly anymore. Locally they shoot a 200 yard (reduced) NMC so I might give it a whorl. The rules restrict the power to 4.5 and the size of the objective on the scope. I imagine the scope manufacturers are jumping through hoops to make one suitable that is just within the rules.

    Since I’m not going to take competition seriously and wanted a better low end scope for my Colt Competition H-Bar (9″ twist), mostly for coyote calling, so I decided to get a Leupold 1.5-4 power scope made for the M193 5.56 cartridge out of the AR. It’s adjustments are milradian meaning it’s got just about 1/3 moa elevation and windage adjustments. The elevation dial is already marked in mrads and yards out to 600 for the M193 cartridge. It has a standard duplex reticle as I really don’t care for exotic “busy” reticles. Got it mounted correctly yesterday and hopefully will get out Monday or Tuesday to see how it works out. So far scoping out my garage door I see no discernible parallax out to 600 yards. As with Leupolds the image is crisp and clear. Eye relief is perfect with the scope mounted as is with my usual AR stock weld (pretty far forward). Also there is no perceptible eye relief change from 1.5 to 4 power. At 1.5 I can keep both eyes open and just bring the field of view to the eye making it very fast and sure. Should work out fine.

    Larry Gibson

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    I have the 3-9×40 version of that scope on a 700 in .308. Works great! The cds elevation dial is calibrated for the Hornady 155 Palma load. I’m certain you will like that setup.

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    That’s a nice piece of glass right there!

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    Nice looking outfit Larry. I still have to rebarrel my HBAR, but perhaps a new A4 upper with a floating barrel is in order so that I can try the scope in NM matches too. I’ll bet our scores will jump a points with optics.

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     Sgt. Mike 
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    Larry have you placed the setup through positions yet?
    The wobble is what would concern me………….. but the scope being dailed back to 1.5X – to the 4x should be nil I would think.

    I like your mount setup looks Like what I have on my Grendel, except I’m using the Redfield 3-9 (new manufacture) optic in lieu of what you have on there. The forward mounting helps to index the cheek weld via nose to charging handle
    Looked at that same scope off and on, Maybe I should quit sitting on the fence and get one for the Grendel and be done with it.

    Fired the ACOG across the course coupla years ago with a M4A4 and the M16A4 and it was a boon on the scores for me, after I dialed the Hat down in power with the infamous 100 MPH tape modification.

    Look forward to your results, great looking rig.

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