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      A dozen or so of these white tailed critters crossed my path Friday morning.   It was opening weekend and these guys are in a residential neighborhood, so protected…. and they know it!    I opened up on them, but it was with my phone’s camera….


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      There’s nothing there a well placed arrow wouldn’t take care of…..

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      I got up in my stand very very early, as I wanted plenty of time to settle in and get quiet.

      Lo and behold, a large one walked up to my stand, and another on off side. It was still pitch black dark, but I could tell his footprints were heavy. I heard him mark his territory, paw the ground for me, and I’m hearing all this looking downward from my stand. Not looking outward, but downward. Pitch dark, and the laws are daylight shooting.

      What is one to do?????

      I thought about putting a flashlight on him, but I was on federal land. anybody within the area could have heard my shot. he eventually blew and sauntered away.

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